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Should I buy a memory foam mattress?

Added: January 20th, 2015     Category: Uncategorized

A good mattress is a serious investment – after all, people on average spend up to 16 years in bed in their lifetime, so you need to be comfortable. Many of those looking for a new mattress now opt for a memory foam option, which may be more expensive but can also provide a wealth […]

Mattress Next Day offers Same Day Delivery to even more areas

Added: January 5th, 2015     Category: Product Information

As 2015 rolls in, customers in London Kent, Essex, Sussex and Middlesex will certainly find it even easier to shop for new beds and bedding needs online over here at Mattress Next Day. As of a few weeks ago, we have expanded our same day delivery services to these areas. Although major cities already enjoy […]

Spanking Children can Lower IQ, Cause Long-term Harm

Added: December 26th, 2014     Category: Health

After evaluating more than 20 years’ worth of published research, a paper published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal on February 2012 reached the conclusion that physical punishment causes long-term damage to a child’s development and can even lower IQ. Authors Joan Durant and Ron Ensom cited numerous researches which proved that spanking children does […]

The Stay-at-Home Mom’s Guide to Making Money Online

Added: December 7th, 2014     Category: How-to

Making money online was once the exclusive domain of those who had hard-core programming skills or techie know-how. Nowadays though, as the online publishing world has become more and more user-friendly, almost anybody can come up with good content and publish it on a Web 2.0 platform. From creating a blog, to putting up an […]

Child Safety and Booster Seats

Added: November 30th, 2014     Category: Health

The most common cause of child deaths in the UK are car crashes. This is rather surprising considering the fact that it is one of the countries which imposes strict safety requirements on car manufacturers for automobile safety. British consumers with children are also known for buying car models with proven crashworthiness and safety features. […]

Car Dangers that Families with Children Need to Know

Added: November 23rd, 2014     Category: Uncategorized

As parents, child safety and vehicle safety are two important concerns day in and out. Since becoming a parent you have probably been a more cautious and responsible driver while making sure that your children are safely strapped in when onboard your vehicle. And yet, children are exposed to some common dangers that are too […]

10 Sleeping Mistakes You Probably Make Every Night

Added: November 10th, 2014     Category: Health

You’ve invested in a new memory foam mattress and a new box frame but despite sleeping seven to nine hours every night, you still wake up feeling all achy and tired. While having a great bed can really make a difference in the quality of your sleep, there are other factors you have to consider. […]

5 Tips for Memorable Summer Road Trips

Added: August 14th, 2014     Category: How-to

With cheap flights galore during summer, road trips have become much less popular than they used to be. However, experiencing the open road with the wind in your hair (or ensconced in the comfortable chill of the car air conditioning) provides you with a more adventurous journey—hence, the preponderance of the road trip as a […]

7 Questions to ask at the parent-teacher conference

Added: August 5th, 2014     Category: How-to

For some parents, the periodic Parents’ Night at school can seem like yet another tedious chore but sitting there absentmindedly just to get it over with is a waste of valuable opportunity. The parent-teacher conference is the perfect venue to collaborate with your child’s teacher to support his or her optimal academic performance. Below are […]

Keeping the family safe from heat exhaustion

Added: July 31st, 2014     Category: Health

Summer is here and that means lots of active time outdoors, especially for kids. In this hot weather, it pays to know how to keep the whole family safe from heat exhaustion. Heat exhaustion can happen after several days’ exposure to high temperatures. Usually, the body does a great job of regulating our core temperature […]