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10 Sleeping Mistakes You Probably Make Every Night

Added: November 10th, 2014     Category: Health

You’ve invested in a new memory foam mattress and a new box frame but despite sleeping seven to nine hours every night, you still wake up feeling all achy and tired. While having a great bed can really make a difference in the quality of your sleep, there are other factors you have to consider. […]

5 Tips for Memorable Summer Road Trips

Added: August 14th, 2014     Category: How-to

With cheap flights galore during summer, road trips have become much less popular than they used to be. However, experiencing the open road with the wind in your hair (or ensconced in the comfortable chill of the car air conditioning) provides you with a more adventurous journey—hence, the preponderance of the road trip as a […]

7 Questions to ask at the parent-teacher conference

Added: August 5th, 2014     Category: How-to

For some parents, the periodic Parents’ Night at school can seem like yet another tedious chore but sitting there absentmindedly just to get it over with is a waste of valuable opportunity. The parent-teacher conference is the perfect venue to collaborate with your child’s teacher to support his or her optimal academic performance. Below are […]

Keeping the family safe from heat exhaustion

Added: July 31st, 2014     Category: Health

Summer is here and that means lots of active time outdoors, especially for kids. In this hot weather, it pays to know how to keep the whole family safe from heat exhaustion. Heat exhaustion can happen after several days’ exposure to high temperatures. Usually, the body does a great job of regulating our core temperature […]

Insufficient Sleep Causes Weight Gain, But Why?

Added: July 27th, 2014     Category: Uncategorized

  If you have long been guilty of scrimping on sleep, it looks like you have no more room for compromise. Research shows that not getting enough sleep leaves you highly susceptible to metabolic disorders such as insulin resistance, diabetes, and other sleep-related problems. Apparently, not getting enough sleep for a few nights in a row (by […]

The Five Mental Health Benefits of Meditation

Added: July 26th, 2014     Category: Uncategorized

With this world going abuzz, it’s not surprising to see more and more people searching for ways to get a reprieve from the hubbub. Among these is the simple yet often neglected act of meditation. Ranging from achieving an improved attention span to an enhanced cognitive function, you are sure to reap optimum mental health […]

Five Compelling Reasons Why You Should Have A Social Life

Added: July 26th, 2014     Category: Uncategorized

    Do you consider yourself a recluse? Would you rather be on your own than go out with family or friends? If this has been your daily grind for the past years, you should start socializing now! Mounting scientific evidence shows that cultivating a great social life comes with many advantages.   1) Socialization […]

Six Fascinating Facts about Yawning

Added: July 26th, 2014     Category: Uncategorized

  Oscitation, commonly referred to as yawning, is a biological mechanism among vertebrates. While some people view it as a sign of boredom, it is actually the body’s way of regulating itself. Ever wondered why there are instances when you do it more often than not? Then make sure to read on to learn more […]

Are you living beyond your means? Financial red flags to look out for

Added: July 14th, 2014     Category: Money

Conspicuous spending now seems to be a way of life for most of us. The ease of acquiring things on credit, the thinly disguised bragging on social media networks, and the stress of modern living all contribute to the temptation to spend more and more. Even kids these days have very expensive playthings; it’s not […]

3 Rules that Parents Should Set Down for their Kids

Added: July 13th, 2014     Category: How-to

Even at a young age, children should be encouraged to practice some initiative and independent thinking and it comes by allowing them the freedom to make their own choices, decisions and even mistakes. However, just like being too controlling, being too permissive is also not good.  Where too much control results in low self-esteem and […]