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Dorlux Mattresses
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Dorlux is a family run company based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. They were established in1919 and spend every waking moment working exceptionally hard to provide outstanding comfort and relaxation for the Nation. The outstanding and unique spring systems are specifically designed to provide the most tranquil and restful night's sleep.

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Dorlux Mattresses for a Perfect Nights Sleep

Dorlux – Mattresses for a Perfect Nights Sleep

Dorlux make a wide range of mattresses incorporating both memory foam, pocket springs or a combination of both. The pocket spring mattresses contain resilient spring units that provide contoured support. Each spring is individually pocketed so that it can react independently giving support and comfort where it is needed. The pocket springs are laced together in order that they do not gap and cause any roll together. The pocket springs are attached to the mattress edge ensuring there is the same support for your body across the complete width right up to the very edge.

As each spring is individually nested in its own cloth pocket it can react on its own and therefore will not affect any person lying on the other side of the bed ensuring that they are not disturbed as you turn

Dorlux also supply memory foam mattresses combined with pocket springs. This gives you the best of both worlds. Not only do you have the added advantage of hundreds of pocket springs built into the mattress with their acknowledged advantages, but there is also a layer of the highest quality memory foam on top of the spring unit, providing the best levels of luxury comfort and support.

The memory foam originally developed by NASA is made from polyurethane with additional products to increase its viscosity, thereby increasing its density. The memory foam has the property of becoming softer in warm temperatures and firmer in cooler temperatures. It can therefore be seen that it will react to the body temperature making a mould into which the body will lie with support over its complete length. This reaction occurs in a very few minutes and therefore it will soon remould itself quickly when you turn over in the night.

High quality memory foam on top of pocket springs gives you the best of both worlds and provides superior levels of luxury comfort and contoured support over the sprung interior.

The natural memory foam used in Dorlux mattresses is of the highest quality available and therefore is perfect for moulding itself whatever the body shape. This ensures that all parts of your body are supported equally which is ideal for that perfect nights sleep. Using memory foam also has the major advantage of allowing different people, sleeping in the same bed, to be individually moulded to their own particular body, this ensures that each partner will have the support and comfort they each require.

Combining the memory foam with pocket springs also makes the mattress ideal as an excellent orthopaedic mattress for those who suffer from back pains. The mattress cover is made from beautiful material which has a quilted finish holding the memory foam in place, avoiding any gapping etc. The pocket springs ensure that the mattresses give the right support and comfort right up to the mattress edge.

Handles are stitched onto the sides of all the Dorlux mattresses to assist when they have to be moved. It must be remembered that mattresses with memory foam do not have to be turned as the memory foam must always remain uppermost.

Memory foam has the advantage of always returning to its original shape once the person leaves the bed and therefore will never have that dip other mattresses have through constant use.
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