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Kaymed has over a century's expertise at the forefront of sleep technology. Kaymed not only designs specialty sleep products, but also manufactures the innovative materials which guarantee a perfect night's sleep.

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Is a Kaymed Memory Foam Mattress the Right Sleep

Is a Kaymed Memory Foam Mattress the Right Sleep Choice for You?

If you’re choosing a new mattress to replace your tatty, worn bedding, Kaymed Beds offers a wide variety of mattresses in several ranges that are designed to suit just about any need. With so many choices, how do you decide which mattress is right for you? These pointers should help you sort out your needs and match them to the best mattress for your sleep style.

Traditional wisdom is that inner spring mattresses offer firm support while memory foam mattresses offer superior
comfort. That’s only part of the story, though, as there are many different styles of mattress in both ranges, as well as mattresses that combine inner spring technology with memory foam comfort.

If pressure on your hips, knees, shoulders or other joints wakes you during the night, a memory foam mattress is an ideal solution for sleeping. The visco elastic foam is designed to mold to the shape of your body without pushing back against it. That reduces the pressure that can leave your joints stiff and sore in the morning.

If you’re a heavier set person, a mattress that combines a thick foam topper with an inner spring core may offer you the best of both worlds. An inner core of pocketed springs can provide the extra support needed by a larger body, while the comfort memory foam reduces the amount of uncomfortable pressure you’d feel on a typical spring core mattress.

A memory foam mattress is the ideal sleeping surface for most side sleepers. When you sleep on your side on a typical mattress, the firmness of the springs pushes your spine out of alignment. Disrupted sleep is only part of the results of that mis-alignment. If you routinely sleep with your body twisted to accommodate your mattress, you may find yourself living with chronic discomfort and pain. A memory foam mattress, on the other hand, is designed to give and mold to the shape of your body. When you sleep on your side on a memory foam mattress, your hip and shoulder sink naturally deeper into the mattress, and the mattress pushes up to curve against your waist and knees, supporting your entire body properly.

Memory foam mattresses are also ideal for couples who share a bed. Unlike an inner spring mattress which shifts and changes with every movement, memory foam mattresses offer more stability. The tossing and turning of one sleeper doesn’t disturb the other sleeper on a memory foam mattress because the mattress absorbs the movement. Each sleeper ends up sleeping on a mattress that supports him or her properly, regardless of the other person’s positioning.

Why Choose a Memory Foam Mattress

Kaymed memory foam mattresses are a great investment for your long term sleeping needs. Although there are dozens of different types of mattresses on the market today, memory foam mattresses are by far the most practical. If you are considering a new mattress, here are a few reasons why you should consider a memory foam mattress.

Memory foam mattresses are more practical because they usually last longer than traditional mattresses. Since memory foam mattresses are better equipped to handling weight increases and decreases, they are less likely to wear out from drastic weight changes, as traditional mattresses would. The patented foam material also stands up better to the tests of time and long term use.

Memory foam mattresses also provide better comfort and support to your body. As you get older, your body may experience numerous changes. Traditional mattresses are unable to handle these changes adequately. Memory foam mattresses are better for your body over the long term, as they can quickly adjust to your body?s changes.

Memory foam mattresses are also better for chronic back pain. By allowing your body to lie naturally, a memory foam mattress can ease the stress and tension that traditional mattresses can place on your back, neck, shoulders, and joints.

And, now is a great time to buy your new memory foam mattress. The prices of memory foam mattresses haves decreased significantly from their initial introduction to the general public.

Buying a new mattress can have an immediate effect on your life. A new memory foam mattress can ensure that you are enjoying these effects for years to come. Today, memory foam mattresses are practical purchase, a great bargain, and the best way to get a great night?s sleep.

How Sleep Quality Affects You

Kaymed would like you to know how important the quality of the sleep you get is in your health and life. Do you find yourself seriously lacking in energy only midway through you day? Do you find yourself daydreaming about taking a nap while your boss is relaying important project details to you? Are you quick to anger these days? Have you incurred several absences from work due to illness? Has your work performance or relationships with family and friends been in a bit of a slump lately? The quality of sleep that you are getting could negatively affect your productivity, work performance, work and personal relationships, your health, and much more.

Not many people are aware of just how much poor sleep can affect their daily routines. We are very aware of the importance of quality sleep people need to help power them through all of their daytime activities. Kaymed beds and mattresses feature only the best in comfort, style, function, durability, and value, to give you and your family the higher quality sleeping experience that lesser bed and mattress brands, and the companies offering them cannot.

Choosing sturdy Kaymed beds for trusting support of the superior constructed Kaymed mattresses you place on them creates a top-notch sleep environment to offer you and your family the many benefits of quality sleep. Give your whole family the gift of more energy, a stronger immune system to fight the germs that cause illnesses, higher productivity and performance, and the mindset for improved interactions with others that a proper amount of rest can provide for you.

Through our online showroom, you can view and learn more about the features that in the different beds and mattresses in our collection of finer Kaymed beds and mattresses offer. The Kaymed brand provides you and your family with the luxury sleeping surfaces needed for the highest quality in sleeping for better health and living. When you find a Kaymed bed and mattress that is to your liking, print off a page of it to take with you to the store so we can help you locate the bed and mattress of your choice quickly.

Do not worry if you are unsure about which Kaymed bed and mattress would be the best choice for you or for your children. Our staff of professionals would be happy to assist you in selecting the right beds and mattresses for each member of your family. Your sleep comfort and satisfaction with our services matters to us.

What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

Kaymed offers customers a wide range of beds and mattresses to suit every style and budget, including the innovative memory foam mattress, which many users claim to be the most comfortable mattress that you can buy today.

The first memory foam mattress was actually devised and tested by NASA, the US space agency during the 1970s, while researching the effects of g-forces on the human body. The technology was modified and marketed for general use by several mattress manufacturers, who realised the potential of the product.

A memory foam mattress is basically what the name suggests ? the visco-elastic foam that comprises the mattress moves as the person moves, moulding itself to the shape of that person?s body. If you toss and turn or continually change position, the mattress will change with you ? assuring a comfortable night?s sleep.

Once the pressure is removed from the foam, the mattress then remembers and returns to its original shape. A Kaymed memory foam mattress is not only comfortable, it can be effective in the treatment of arthritis and aching limbs and also helps to reduce moisture and perspiration. And another big advantage of this type of mattress is that it doesn?t need to be turned.

Kaymed?s memory foam line, known as Kayfoam, has been approved by several sleep experts. It has also received various industry awards and the company was the first in the industry to manufacture flame resistant memory foam that complies with UK and Ireland standards. Choose a memory foam mattress and let Kaymed?s expertise guarantee you a good night?s sleep.

The Importance of Value Shopping

The Importance of Value Shopping in a Tough Economy

One has to be especially prudent about his or her spending habits these days with the current economic climate we are all facing and Kaymed understands and respects this. We too have families to feed and care for. We know that consumers need real value in the items they buy. We care about the quality and price of the products that we offer to our customers. We strive too bring you only the best in beds and mattresses, including our selection of memory foam mattresses, at the most reasonable pricing possible.

The comfort level of the beds and mattresses that you and your family sleep on is important to us as well. That is why we will never display or sell inferior bed and mattress products to our valued customers. We know that once you have experienced sleeping on a Kaymed mattress properly supported by a durably built Kaymed bed that you will look to us as a leading resource for premium bed and mattress supplies for all of your future bedding needs.

Did you know that a Kaymed memory foam mattress utilizes the most innovative technologies available today to make a plush yet firm enough sleep surface to provide you with the most restful sleep possible? How do memory foam mattresses do that? They conform to your unique body shape offering you all-over support while sleeping. When you arise and get out of bed each morning, you will feel refreshed and ready for the day ahead. A Kaymed memory foam mattress ingenious design allows it to spring back to its original form. This means there will be no visible imprint of your body contours on your mattress. This also means that Kaymed foam mattresses will continue providing you with all over support while sleeping for much longer than typical mattresses can.

Peruse through our many selections of high quality Kaymed beds and mattresses to find the bed and mattress that will provide you with the most restful sleep imaginable. Our website provides

customers with many resources for learning more about the features and benefits of Kaymed beds and mattresses. You will also find useful tools to help you in making your bed and mattress selections with ease and convenience. Feel free to contact us if there is any way that we can help to improve your shopping experience with us.

Prudent shoppers trust Kaymed to provide them with quality and value in the beds and mattresses they buy.

The Importance of a Good Nights Sleep

Just like you, Kaymed understands how important it is to get a good night?s sleep and our range of mattresses and beds will help to ensure that you sleep comfortably and get the sleep you need on a bed that is just right for you.

Ideally, we should get eight hours of sleep a night, although most of us are lucky if we sleep for six hours. And a night spent tossing and turning or lying awake can make it very difficult to get through the next day effectively. We all know that we need sleep, but just why is it so important?

Sleep researchers have found that the body and mind tend to function more effectively and normally after a good night?s sleep. Some parts of the brain actually experience an increase in activity while we are asleep ? the expression ?to sleep on it? comes from the fact that often we are able to think things through even while asleep.

Regular lack of sleep not only makes us tired and irritable, it can also affect our work performance, our ability to concentrate and lower our reaction times. Lack of sleep is a leading cause of injuries and accidents, both at work and elsewhere. And if you are not getting enough sleep, you run the risk of developing behaviour problems and suffering from memory lapses.

Kaymed?s wide range of products will ensure that you not only sleep well, but will also help to ensure your general well-being and good health. Take the time to choose the Kaymed bed that is best for you.

Benefits of Kaymed Memory Foam

Surprising Benefits of Sleeping on a Kaymed Memory Foam Mattress

Can a Kaymed Bed with a memory foam mattress improve your life? If you?re sleeping on an old, worn-out mattress, it could be affecting far more than you think. Sleep disturbance and sleep disruption can increase your stress levels, make chronic pain conditions more painful and reduce the effectiveness of other medical treatments. The effects of low-level sleep deprivation ? the kind that results from sleeping poorly rather than from not sleeping at all ? are far deeper and wider-reaching than most people know. These are just a few of the surprising benefits of getting a good night?s sleep on a memory foam mattress.

- Your body is better able to repair tissue damage. One of the things that your body does during deep sleep is make human growth hormone, which it uses to repair and rebuild damaged tissue. This is especially important to those who suffer from degenerative joint disorders like arthritis, but also can improve your skin, your memory and your overall health.

- Deep sleep also appears to be essential to helping us process complex emotions and happenings during the day. When those normal processes are disrupted by poor sleep, the result can be increased stress and mild depression.

- A study released in Nature Neuroscience showed that disrupted sleep, also called ?shallow sleep?, can interfere with learning and memory. Shallow sleep often results from sleeping on an uncomfortable sleep surface. Changing to a memory foam mattress reduces the stress on your body and results in better sleep, which could improve your memory and your ability to learn new things.

- Sleeping on a memory foam mattress could make you healthier overall. A study at the University of Pennsylvania showed that when your sleep is disrupted, your immune system is also disrupted. Getting a good night?s sleep on a regular basis can keep your immune system in top condition.

- A good night?s sleep may actually help you maintain your weight. In the same study, researchers found that poor sleep resulted in an increase in a hormone that controls metabolism, which could result in obesity and all its attendant ills.

When you put all the research on sleep and its effects on the body together, you can?t help but realize how important a good night?s sleep is to your health. A well-made memory foam mattress can make a world of difference in the amount and quality of the sleep you get each night.

Style Combined With Pioneering solutions

Style Combined With Pioneering Sleep Solutions

Kaymed beds and mattresses are a stylish and groundbreaking arrangement of genius designing that can provide you and your family with the most comfortable sleeping you can imagine. What?s more, Kaymed beds and mattresses are quite affordable, making them an even more attractive solution for giving you and your family the best in bedding for better sleeping.

You want your bed and mattress to help you sleep well. It would be wasteful to spend your hard earned money on beds and mattresses for your family that fail to provide all of you with the most comfort that is conducive to getting your proper rest. Nevertheless, you also want the bed and mattress that you choose for your home to be stylish accents to your home?s d?cor. With Kaymed beds and mattresses, you have many stylish choices to complement the colors and theme of your bedroom.

Some other bed and mattress suppliers will either offer beautiful looking beds and mattresses that do not offer you reliable performance, or reliably performing beds and mattresses that have no style or flair to them. We do not think you should have to choose from between comfort and style in the bed and mattress that you choose for yourself. It is possible to have both comfort and style together in a bed or mattress. See for yourself by looking through our large collection of quality, comfortable, and very stylish Kaymed beds, and mattresses.

You might want to spend some time learning more about Kaymed memory foam mattresses, and all that they can offer you and your family in sleeping comfort in luxuriously stylish designs you will love. Picture yourself lying on the pure lushness of a memory foam mattress to help you fall asleep quickly and to stay asleep. As lush as the materials covering these mattresses are, their internal designing provides you with the correct support for your whole body as you sleep.

Start shopping for your new Kaymed mattress and bed online at your convenience to give yourself a head start on finding the different stylish and optimal in comfort bed and mattress choices that are available to you from Kaymed, without having to leave the comfort of home. We would be happy to help you in choosing your new Kaymed bed or mattress if you need assistance in making those choices.

Spend your nights dreaming about good and happy things. Do not spend any more of your nights wondering what a good night sleep would be like. Kaymed beds and mattresses make the dream of stylish and ultra comfortable sleep possible for you and your family.

Signs That You Need a New Mattress

Signs That You Need a New Mattress

Kaymed is one of the leading manufacturers of quality mattresses, and a good place to start your search if you need a new mattress. Most people don?t realize it, but mattresses don?t last forever. Like all other consumer goods, mattresses have a shelf life that can fluctuate depending on a variety of factors.

Yet, there are a number of signs that you may need a new mattress. The important thing is that you know the signs. The most obvious sign that you need a new mattress are large dips, holes, and tears in your mattress.

The inability to sleep due to constant tossing and turning is another major sign that you may need a new mattress. If you are unable to find a comfortable lying positions, your old mattress may not be providing you the comfort that you need.

Recurring back pain that seem to ease off during the day is another obvious indicator that you need a new mattress. A mattress that no longer provides the support your body needs will cause you to form unnatural positions while sleeping at night. Maintaining these positions can cause pain in your back, shoulders, neck, and other joints.

If you have experienced a drastic change in weight, you may also need a new mattress. Drastic changes in weight may cause you to have to upgrade your old mattress. A new mattress will probably be needed to support your body type.

Knowing when you need a new mattress is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So, it is important that you acknowledge the writing on the wall, when it comes to the signs that you need a new mattress. Even in this tough economy, a good night?s sleep is definitely worth the expense.

Memory Foam Mattress May Relieve Arthritis Pain

Kaymed Memory Foam Mattress May Relieve Arthritis Pain

If you suffer from stiff and sore joints or arthritis pain, a Kaymed Bed with a memory foam mattress may be the ideal sleep solution for you. According to a study released in 2000, sleep disruption is an under-reported and often unrecognized symptom of arthritis. One of the major causes of sleep disruption in someone suffering from arthritis is pain arising from pressure on the joints and uncomfortable sleeping positions.

Sleeping on a memory foam mattress can help reduce sleep disruption caused by arthritis pain in a number of ways.

- If you have arthritis, doctors say that you experience more pain from joint pressure than someone who doesn?t have arthritis. Joint pain is worse when you sleep on a mattress that doesn?t give with the shape of your body. A memory foam mattress is designed to shape itself to your body, reducing the pressure on your joints by cradling your body in comfort. That means less pain and better sleep.

- The wrong mattress stresses your joints by not providing proper support for your spine and torso. When you lay down on a mattress, the mattress should keep your spine properly aligned. If it doesn?t do that job, the weight of your body will pull on your joints and put extra stress on them. That results in pain and sleep disruption?and can extend into the next day by straining the connecting tissues of your joints.

- When you sleep poorly, you?re less able to cope with pain during the day. In fact, some doctors believe that you may actually be in more pain during the day if you?re sleeping poorly at night. By making it easier for you to get refreshing, healthy sleep, a memory foam mattress can help relieve overall pain due to arthritis.

- Because poor quality sleep can affect your perception of pain when you?re awake, those who don?t get a good night?s sleep may take more pain medication than those who sleep well. This can create a vicious cycle, because many of the pain medications prescribed for arthritis can disrupt the natural sleep cycle.

If you suffer from arthritis or joint pain and are sleeping on a typical spring flat mattress, try sleeping on a memory foam mattress. It could make a world of difference in your life.

Maintaining Your Mattress

Maintaining Your Mattress

Over the years, Kaymed has been offering some of the best quality mattresses and sleep solutions to consumers. The company started off with traditional spring mattresses and beds but then broadened their customer base by introducing and offering top of the line memory foam mattresses as well. Today Kaymed is one of the top manufacturers of mattresses in the United Kingdom.

Though the mattresses offered by Kaymed are made of the best quality materials, it is still very important to know how to properly maintain your mattress. Maintaining your mattress will ensure that you get the maximum life and the best quality sleep possible. The life of your mattress can be extended by keeping these basic tips in mind.

Remember to rotate your mattress on a regular basis. If you do not rotate the mattress divots and lumps will develop hindering your ability to get a good night?s sleep. The mattress will come with manufacturer specifications, but it is a good idea to rotate your mattress once every three months. When you rotate your mattress, you should also flip it.

Your mattress should always be given proper support. If your bed frame does not already have slats to prevent sagging you need to make a trip to the local hardware store. In addition to providing proper support, never jump on the mattress. Jumping on the bed can ruin the mattress? inner support system and cause warping.

Protecting your mattress from the elements is also a good way to extend its longevity. Never smoke in bed ? this can cause the smell of smoke to be absorbed or could even catch on fire. It is also a bad idea to soak your mattress, so avoid keeping liquids near the bed.

Properly maintaining your mattress means that you will also need to keep it clean. Using a mattress pad to protect it from stains is a good way of keeping it clean. Also, every month it is helpful to vacuum to maintain a good air quality. Never use abrasive or harsh cleansers on your mattress.

5 Health Conditions Helped by a Memory Foam

5 Health Conditions Helped by a Memory Foam Mattress from Kaymed

Kaymed Beds is one of the leading makers of memory foam mattresses in the UK. In business since 1898, the company started making foam mattresses in 1970 and visco elastic memory foam mattresses since 1990. Quality memory foam mattresses are highly regarded as comfortable, but they also offer benefits for people suffering from a number of health conditions. Here?s a list of five health conditions that may be improved by sleeping on a memory foam mattress.

Visco-elastic memory foam is hypoallergenic. Memory foam is also naturally resistant to mold, and unattractive to the dust mites that are the cause of many allergies.

Sleep can be uncomfortable if you have arthritis. Worse, it leaves you with stiff, painful joints during the day. A memory foam mattress is designed to mold to your body and support it properly during sleep, reducing the stress and pressure on joints that leads to pain and stiffness during the day.

Back Pain
Memory foam mattresses are designed to keep your spine properly aligned during sleep. This results in less strain on the spine and less pain both during sleep and the next day.

Sleeping on a memory foam mattress places far less pressure on sensitive spots than sleeping on a traditional innerspring mattress. That means less pain and better sleep, which can result in less pain during the day as well.

Poor Circulation
If you suffer from poor circulation, the effects can be worsened during sleep when the weight of your body constricts the flow of blood at pressure points. Memory foam mattresses are designed to reduce pressure points by molding to your body rather than pushing back against it.

While there are few independent medical studies to confirm the health benefits of sleeping on memory foam mattresses, thousands of people who suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia and other painful conditions report that they sleep better and have less pain when they sleep on a memory foam mattress. If you?re one of the millions who suffer from one of the conditions above, talk to your doctor about the possible benefits of changing your mattress out for a memory foam mattress.

System Aimed at Eliminating Sleep Problems

Innovative Sleep System Aimed at Eliminating Sleep Problems

The leader in innovative sleep systems for maximum sleeping comfort is the Kaymed line of mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and beds. Have you ever slept in a bed in a hotel or as a guest in someone else?s home that other people swore to be so comfortably only to find yourself tossing and turning in bed all night. Did you wonder why it is that you cannot find the same comfort in certain beds that other people seem to have no problem finding? Is it your own bed that is presently giving you fits at night instead of letting you sleep soundly through the night? Have you ever wished there was a test you could take that would definitively tell you what kind of bed and mattress is best suited to your body type? That would obviously provide you with information on beds and mattresses to look for when shopping for a new bed or mattress, and the ones that you should avoid.

Our sleepscan system, which is available in select stores, can show you clearly, which style of Kaymed bed or mattress will provide you with what you need to sleep soundly all night. The importance of a full night?s rest every night for you and your family cannot be overstated. Your body repairs itself during sleep and interrupting this important process by awakening throughout the night can leave you feeling tired and more susceptible to sickness. A test for determining the best bed and mattress suited to your body type is a test you will not regret having taken. You can save yourself from wasting money on the wrong bed and mattress and stop losing sleep to tossing and turning all night when your bed and mattress should be helping you to sleep soundly night after night.

Check with your neighborhood Kaymed store to learn whether there is an available sleepscan system available there for testing to uncover what types of beds and mattresses are best fit for you. You might have to travel a little distance to find a Kaymed store offering a sleep scanning technology system; however, a little traveling is certainly worthwhile with the useful information you can gain from this innovative testing. You are not out of luck if you cannot travel to a store having a sleep scanning system. We are experts at helping you to determine which bed and mattress will provide you with the most comfort for sleeping, and can offer our recommendations to you at any store or through our other resources for customers to contact us with their questions about Kaymed bed and mattress sleep solutions.

How to Get a Good Night's Sleep

How to Get a Good Night's Sleep

Kaymed knows all about getting a good night?s sleep, which is why Kaymed mattresses are some of the best found. The quality of sleep that you get is very important to Kaymed, which is why the company has designed a way to choose a mattress based on your height, weight, and posture. No other mattress manufacturer can claim the same.

Depending on your personal preference, a traditional spring mattress or a memory foam mattress may be best for you. The secret is to try them out in the store before you take one home and go to bed! So, once you have chosen the right mattress, how can you ensure that you will get a good night?s sleep? The environment in which you sleep plays a key role in the quality of sleep that you get.

You should always sleep in a cool room. If the temperature is on the chilly side, you should grab another blanket rather than crank up the heat. A cool environment promotes a better quality sleep. The humidity of the room also plays a role. If the air in your bedroom becomes too dry, you will not sleep well. During the winter when the heat is on, use a humidifier.

The noise level in your bedroom should be kept to a minimum, which is obvious for most people. However, this refers to loud music, television, and talking, not white noise. Many people need a little bit of soft background noise, such as the whirring of a fan, in order to relax. If you prefer the sound of music, perhaps you might try some low-playing classical music.

If at all possible, make sure that your bedroom is for relaxation and sleep only. So many people sit on the bed with a book or laptop that it can quickly influence the mind to associate work with the bed. Your bed should be a haven where you can get plenty of rest, not worry about work.

By keeping these simple ideas in mind when you get ready for bed, you will almost guarantee a good night?s sleep every time. Combining the proper environment with a really great mattress, and you have the perfect ingredients for a restful and rejuvenating sleep.

How to Choose a Mattress

How to Choose a Mattress

Kaymed has a large selection of mattresses to choose from. And, choosing a mattress is a task that should not be taken lightly. Although most people focus on the price; choosing a new mattress should also be based on your body type, comfort and support needs, and your short term future plans.

Consider your and your spouse?s body type is an important factor, when choosing a new mattress. Your body types will determine the size of the bed needed; as well as, the amount of stress or weight the mattress can easily support. Other factors that you may affect your decision are recent surgeries or injuries, or serious physical conditions.

The level of comfort and support needed to allow your body to lie in natural positions is another critical factor when choosing a new mattress. This will affect that type of mattress that you buy. For example, for some the memory foam mattresses provide the ultimate level of support because these mattresses conform to the mold of your body. While other consumers prefer the firmer feel of a more traditional styled mattress. Though comfort is most recognized; you should pay attention to the support that a new mattress can provide to your back, neck, and joints. This will ultimately dictate your quality of sleep.

It may seem a bit unusual, but taking into consideration upcoming plans is a great idea when choosing a new mattress. Life changing events such as marriage, pregnancy, and getting a pet will be affected by the type of mattress that you choose. These additions will increase the weight being placed on the mattress on a daily basis. The longevity of your new mattress will be directly related to these changes as well.

Although, it should not be the sole criteria for your new mattress, you should make sure that your new mattress fits comfortably within your budget. Have an idea of your price limits for a new mattress before you start shopping. Sure, a new mattress can help you get a good night?s sleep, but only if you get that mattress best suited for you and your needs.

How to Choose a Bed

How to Choose a Bed

Kaymed has been in the bed and mattress business for years and when you purchase of the many mattresses manufactured by the company, you will know why they have been so successful. The company has developed a system based on posture, height and weight that removes any guesswork out of choosing a bed and mattress.

A comfortable bed may very well be one of the most important investments you make in life. Getting a good night?s sleep is impossible without a good mattress. But, if you don?t have access to Kaymed?s system to determine what mattress might be best for you, how do you go about choosing a bed? When considering any bed and mattress, always think about what you really want from it ?style, comfort, durability, and size should be top on your list.

When shopping for a bed, you will definitely want to think about what type of bed frame you might like. Do you want a heavy, palatial wooden bed frame or would a lightweight and modern metal frame do just as nicely? Depending on your personal style and your budget, chances are, you will find the ideal bed style by shopping around. Remember, your bedroom should be your haven, so if you don?t like your bed, you?ve got problems.

The level of comfort of any bed or mattress is essential when choosing a bed. When shopping for a Kaymed mattress, always be sure to test them out. Kaymed offers a range of beds and mattresses including traditional spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses. Do not be afraid to lie down on the mattress right in the shop to see if it feels right to you.

For the amount of money you are likely to spend on your new bed and mattress, you want to make sure they are durable products. All Kaymed mattresses and beds are made with the highest quality materials. That means they will outlast competitor?s products. With a Kaymed bed, you get more for your money.

One last thing to remember when choosing a bed is the size. You need to consider your own height (no one wants their feet hanging off the end of the bed!) as well as the size of your bedroom. If you have a partner, you should go shopping together to make sure that you both have ample room to stretch out and move around on the mattress before purchase.

New Memory Foam Mattress

How a New Memory Foam Mattress Can Affect Your Quality of Life

Kaymed memory foam mattresses can not only improve your quality of sleeping, but also your quality of life. Studies have shown that importance of a good night?s sleep has been underrated. Getting quality sleep can improve many aspects of your life and a memory foam mattress is good way to get a great night?s sleep every night.

By allowing you the ability to sleep naturally, you can be sure to get your recommended 8 hours of sleep easily. And, you can wake up refreshed. So you are able to tackle your day without the feelings of fatigue or exhaustion that typically plague the sleep deprived.

Everyone knows that getting quality sleep has a direct effect on your work performance. Without the proper sleep, your work will suffer. You will be less likely to fight off viruses and infections. And, you may even experience chronic pain in your back, shoulders, neck, muscles, and/or joints.

Memory foam mattresses conform to the many curves and contours of your body. So, you are guaranteed to maintain a natural sleeping position. This patented feature makes memory foam mattresses a perfect fit for any and every body type.

The unique design of memory foam mattresses will also combat the wear and tear that traditional mattresses experience. Since memory foam mattresses are made to conform to your body, drastic weight changes will not cause the mattresses to wear out prematurely.

Memory foam mattresses also prevent the various positions of one person from interrupting the sleeping habits of another. So, you can still wake up refreshed, even when you sweetheart, child, or pet sleeps wildly.

Memory foam mattresses are designed for durability and comfort. So your body can be supported in its natural position for years to come. And, when you are well rested, your work performance will improve; therefore, your quality of life will improve. Who knows, that big promotion may be one good night?s sleep away.

New Mattress Can Improve Your Health

How a New Mattress Can Improve Your Health

Kaymed mattresses can be a great place to start your search for a new mattress. And, though economic times are tough, a new mattress may be the answer to how you can improve your health.

If you frequently suffer from back pain, your body may be telling you that a new mattress is needed. As a mattress gets older and becomes the victim of constant wear and tear, it loses the ability to offer you the support that your body needs. A new mattress should provide both comfort and support to your back, allowing you to lie in a natural position. By reducing the stress placed on your body, the new mattress will reduce or in many cases eliminate the back pain that you experience in the morning.

A new mattress may also be the solution to the feeling of fatigue throughout your day. If, your old mattress is causing you to toss and turn throughout the night, you may not be getting the proper amount of sleep at night. This may lead to the feeling of fatigue and mild headaches.

Unfortunately, the inability to sleep can lead to a number of more serious health conditions. Though body aches and pains are the most common problems, eventually the lack of sleep can lead to much more serious problems. For instance, you may become more susceptible to colds and viruses due to a weakened immune system. Studies have also linked long term lack of sleeping to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Though bedrails, and sometimes even box springs can last for decades. A mattress can lose its ability to give proper support if you have a sudden increase in weight (pregnancy), or if you have recent back surgery or back conditions. Believe it or not, a new mattress can be just what the doctor ordered.

Benefits of Memory Foam

Benefits of Memory Foam

Several decades ago, in the 1970s, Kaymed began production of some of the first memory foam mattresses known. Back then, the polyurethane foam mattresses were used primarily in the healthcare and hospital industries because of the many benefits associated with sleeping on such beds. Over the years, as memory foam mattresses became more popular among consumers, Kaymed has refined their product to meet anyone?s needs.

Throughout the years, Kaymed has honed their production and design of memory foam mattresses, which sets them apart from the competition. The first memory foam mattresses were comprised of polyurethane foam, but later on Kaymed introduced visco-elastic memory foam, which was even better. In the late 1990s, the company introduced flame retardant visco-elastic memory foam mattresses.

It may be interesting to know the progress and history of Kaymed and memory foam mattresses and beds, but it is more important to know what the benefits of memory foam actually are. First and foremost, when you buy a memory foam mattress, you are getting more for your money. Memory foam mattresses are extremely durable and long lasting. Because they are made of a denser material and have no springs, they do not wear out as easily as the traditional spring mattress.

When you sleep on a memory foam mattress, there are no pressure points because it actually conforms to your body. This allows for equal distribution of your weight as you sleep on the mattress each night. This helps support your body and eliminate a sore back and neck in the morning. With traditional mattresses, your body actually conforms to the mattress, which is what causes these pains.

The quality of sleep you experience is better when you have a memory foam mattress. Because there are no pressure points, you will have no discomfort in the morning from ?sleeping the wrong way.? Furthermore, you won?t toss and turn as much, as the memory foam actually keeps you comfortable all night long. You will wake in the morning refreshed and pain free ? ready to start the day!

5 Reasons to Sleep on Memory Foam Mattress

5 Reasons to Sleep on a Kaymed Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are among the best sellers of premier UK bedding maker, Kaymed Beds. What is it that has made memory foam mattresses so highly popular with hundreds of thousands of satisfied sleepers throughout the world? Here are the top five reasons that people choose to change out their old mattresses for a new memory foam mattress from Kaymed Beds.

1. Memory foam mattresses are comfortable and luxurious.
Kaymed memory foam mattresses offer the ultimate in comfort for most sleepers. The visco memory foam is designed to cradle your entire body in sumptuous comfort. The foam softens with your body heat and molds to the shape of your body while providing superior support for all of your curves and angles.

2. Memory foam mattresses offer superior support for your body.
Your sleep comfort?and therefore your sleep quality?depend on the support that you get from your sleeping surface. When you sleep on a typical firm mattress, your body is often bent out of alignment as it tries to fit itself against a flat surface. When you sleep on memory foam, by contrast, your mattress fits itself to the shape of your body, equalizing the support everywhere that you need it.

3. Better mattress support means better, healthier sleep and more complete rest.
One of the most important benefits of sleeping on a memory foam mattress is that you?re less likely to suffer typical sleep disturbances. Because foam adapts to your body and cushions where you need cushioning, your sleep is less likely to be disturbed by minor aches from pressure on joints or discomfort from sleeping in awkward positions. That means that you sleep better, and your entire life benefits from that better sleep.

4. Foam mattresses are easier to maintain and care for.
Memory foam mattresses are no-turn mattresses. Because there are no springs to sag and wear, there is no need to turn your mattress head to foot regularly, nor to flip it on your bed. That makes your life easier all around.

5. Memory foam mattresses are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites.
The typical inner spring mattress can harbor well over 100,000 dust mites, which can cause allergic reactions that range from rashes to asthma attacks. Memory foam is not hospitable to dust mites, which can?t use the foam for food. While they are not 100% proof against dust mites, they greatly reduce the allergens in your bedroom and make for a more comfortable night?s sleep.
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