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Wooden Beds

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If you are thinking of changing your bed or in fact starting up home and therefore this will be your first bed. Great care should be taken in choosing the right bed for you or your partner.

There are many factors that may have to be taken into account. These include the size of the bedroom, the style of the bedroom, the people who are going to share it and of course the cost.

The size of the bedroom will determine the size of the bed that will fit into it. It is advisable when deciding on the size to ensure that there is adequate room either side of the bed. This is important so that the person can get into and out of the bed easily and it is easy to clean around and also change the bedclothes.

The style of the bedroom is another factor in choosing a bed. Wooden bedsteads come in a very wide range of styles and it is usually very easy to find a style that suits you. The very basic wooden bedstead which does not have any ornate or carved features can be the ideal bed for a child’s bedroom. It is also important that a child’s bed does not have any features that they could hurt themselves on.

As children grow up to become teenagers they generally want to choose their own bed but then a parent should always be available to give guidance. When choosing a wooden bed for a child or teenager the strength of the wooden bed is generally more important than looks.. When choosing a wooden bed for yourself and partner many factors will play their part. Initially the existing décor and size of your bedroom will be, a certain extent, decide what style of bed you choose.

Wooden beds are now available in hundreds of different styles, from just plain simple bed heads to a very ornate and carved bedhead, or the ultimate four poster bed.

When choosing the style of bed, care should be taken that it will fit into the existing décor of the bedroom and also it must be remembered that the décor of the bedroom may change long before you buy a new bed... When choosing a wooden bed not only is the style of the bed important but how solid it is, which is a major factor is also. Many cheap wooden beds are not very strong and will not last very long time, especially in a child bedroom.

When choosing any bed the most important part is the base that supports the mattress. Many wooden beds have a wooden slatted base. When looking at the gaps between the slats, this should be less than 10 cms. If it is any more, then the support that it gives the mattress will be inadequate. The rigidity of the slats is also important, many cheaper beds have slats that are not very rigid and therefore fail to support the mattress causing it to dip in the centre of the bed.

The cost is always an important part of buying a new wooden bed. The more ornate the bed the higher the cost. Even if you cannot afford very much there are a number of factors you must take into consideration. Firstly it must be remembered what a bed is for. Its main purpose is to provide support and comfort for a good night’s sleep, and only after that how it fits into the décor of your bedroom, becomes important.

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