4ft 6” Double Mattresses

4ft 6" x 6ft 3" / 135cm x 190cm

4ft 6” Double Mattresses

Whether you’re sharing a bed or you just like a little extra space to yourself to unwind, a 4 ft 6 mattress is the perfect size to help you enjoy a quality night’s sleep.

At MattressNextDay, we offer 4ft 6 double mattresses in a wide variety of styles so you should be able to find one that meets your needs with ease. Whether you like to feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, you enjoy the sensation of your mattress ‘hugging’ you or you need a good, firm surface to drop off at night, you’re likely to find exactly what you’re looking for among our collection.

We offer a variety of firmness ratings, from the softest models on the market to the firmest mattresses you’ll find, and everything in between. You can find a range of modern and traditional fillings, constructions and depths too.

You might find that you benefit from one of our hypoallergenic mattresses, particularly if you suffer from asthma. Or you might opt for a waterproof model if bedwetting or incontinence is an issue or if you just want to take the hassle out of cleaning your mattress.

If you’re used to having to turn your mattress every few weeks to counteract settlement issues and ensure that it stays in good order, you’ll find our non-turnable mattresses a breath of fresh air. Due to advancements in construction, these mattresses are made to last without the fuss of regular turning. This might be an especially good option if you have been advised to avoid heavy lifting.

Say hello to a sound night’s sleep whatever your budget. Whether you want a cheap 4ft 6 double mattress that you can enjoy for years to come, a well known brand or a luxurious mattress without the unreasonable price tag, we can help.