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3 makeshift beds that will make you appreciate your mattress

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A comfortable mattress is almost essential if you want an uninterrupted and truly refreshing night’s sleep. Whether you choose a pocket-sprung mattress, a memory-foam mattress or even an open-coil mattress, it can help you get the sleep you need. If you need proof that mattresses are essential for a decent night’s sleep, it’s worth considering the alternatives. We’ve come up with three sleeping experiences that will make you appreciate your own bed (and your own mattress) more than ever. If you’ve ever had to sleep in any of the places on this list, you’re certain to understand the importance of your mattress. 1. Dozing in a hammock Dozing off in a garden hammock can be quite pleasant - unless it rains while you’re asleep! What’s more, it’s notoriously difficult to climb out of a hammock in a dignified and comfortable manner. Sleeping in a hammock can be fun once in a while, but it can also show you the merits of your own bed and a comfortable mattress. After all, you wouldn’t want to sleep in a hammock all the time. 2. Sleeping on your friend’s sofa If you’ve ever been unable to make it home after a social event, you’ve probably chosen to spend the night on a local friend’s sofa. While this is a practical solution that saves you from having to pay for a hotel room, it’s also deeply uncomfortable. Nobody likes waking up with a crick in their neck and a stiff back, but that’s exactly what you have to put up with when you sleep on a friend’s sofa. When you make it back home to your own bed and your own mattress, you’re certain to appreciate it. 3. Trying to get comfortable on a camp bed Camping can be an invigorating and worthwhile experience. Sadly, sleeping on a camp bed isn’t invigorating: it’s inconvenient and uncomfortable. Of course, it’s a small price to pay if you really enjoy camping. Nonetheless, you’ll probably find returning to your own bed a relief. There are plenty of alternatives to sleeping on a mattress, but none of them are particularly pleasant. Mattresses are vital for a good night’s sleep, so invest in a high-quality one here at Mattress Nextday.
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