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3 things you can do in the day to help you sleep at night

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You may be surprised to learn that you don’t have to wait until bedtime to improve your sleeping habits. Instead, you can start working towards a change during the day. Experts advise that everyone should aim to get between seven to nine hours shuteye each night. Therefore, if you’re falling outside of this guideline you should strive to make a positive change sooner rather than later. With this in mind, here are three things you can do during the day to help you sleep better at night.

1. Get your caffeine fix

The smallest amount of caffeine can stimulate you. It’s why many people are bursting with energy by the time they tuck into their fourth cup of coffee during the day. Luckily the effects of caffeine actually wear off reasonably quick, so as long as you avoid it in the evening you should find you’re ready to hit the hay by the time your bedtime swings around. Therefore, if you’re a fan of coffee and other caffeine-heavy drinks, you should limit your fix to daylight hours to get the best sleep.

2. Make time to exercise

There are many benefits of exercising – such as the release of endorphins that make you feel happy. However, exercise can have its downsides if you undertake it too close to bedtime. If you do anything along the lines of sit-ups or press-ups, you could find it difficult to settle down and sleep because you’re still feeling active. On the other hand, if you exercise during the day the effects should start to subside by the time your bedtime arrives and you should feel more tired.

3. Expose yourself to natural light

When its dark your brain produces a hormone called melatonin which makes you feel tired. In order to fall into a desirable sleep cycle, you should expose yourself to natural light as much as possible during the day. This should ultimately make you feel sleepier when it goes dark and you close your curtains before bed.

Sleep tight!

These three tricks should have you enjoying the land of nod much more often. With all the extra time spent in bed, it also provides you with a great excuse to invest in a new mattress!

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