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4 tips for staying cool on hot summer nights

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When the temperature increases we love spending long days outdoors, making the most of the sun. But at the end of a day of barbecues and ice cream, we have to come back inside to go to bed, and that’s when we can end up sticky and uncomfortable. If you dread the thought of a restless night, tossing and turning whilst trying to get to sleep, take a look at the following easy tips to help keep you cool during the summer. Choose natural fibres Man-made fibres are great for many things, but when it comes to keeping cool on a hot night you’re better off with cotton rather than polyester. Try lightweight cotton pyjamas or even a simple cotton t-shirt and shorts combined with cotton bed sheets. Unless you have a lightweight 4.5 tog duvet, you might want to put your duvet away until autumn comes. Repurpose your hot water bottle Despite the name, hot water bottles don’t just have to be used for hot water! Repurpose yours in the warmer months by filling it with cold water and putting it in the freezer before taking it to bed. Alternatively, you could pop an ice pack in a plastic bag (to stop the condensation making your bed damp) and take that to bed with you. Eat lighter meals Whilst you’re probably less likely to crave casseroles in the summer months anyway, it’s a good idea to try and eat lighter meals in hotter weather. This is because your body generates heat when it is digesting your food, so you’re likely to feel warmer when you eat a larger meal. For this reason, you should also try not to eat too late. Refrigerate or freeze your pillow If you’re the kind of person who flips the pillow over in the middle of the night for the relief the cold side brings, you might want to try refrigerating or freezing your pillow. Finding space in your fridge or freezer can be tricky, but it’s worth it for a cold pillow. Take a look at our range of beds, mattresses and accessories to help get your bedroom ready for summer, and don’t forget we’re here to help if you need advice on the best bed for you.
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