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4 ways the outside world might be stopping you from sleeping

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The odd bad night’s sleep can be awfully frustrating – and if it starts to happen more and more, it’s important that you take steps to solve the problem. Often you can make your bedroom your own personal paradise, complete with a firm mattress and soft pillows. However, you might have to take further action if it transpires that it’s the outside world that’s stopping you from sleeping. With that in mind, here are four external reasons you could be missing out on a good night’s sleep. Excessive light Your body’s biological clock will register that darkness means it’s time to sleep. Therefore, if you’re allowing excessive light into your bedroom, this might be the root of your troubles. To combat this, make sure your curtains are closed tightly to prevent exposure from streetlights or even install blackout blinds. Also, make sure any lights outside your room are turned off because the illuminations could be creeping through your doorframe. Social media It’s become somewhat normal for people to spend hours flicking through their friends’ social media profiles as a way to mentally unwind. But doing this before bed can have its downsides. Not only can you become worked up by what you see, but staring at a screen can stimulate your brain when it should be trying to shut down. Stress If you’re worrying about work, money or relationships, this could be to blame for your lack of sleep. Such issues can play on your mind – and in some cases can leave you lying awake for hours. It might be easier said than done to put your worries to the back of your mind. However, you could practise some yoga or breathing exercises or even positive affirmations to help simmer your stress levels before bedtime. And if you wake in the night, keep a notepad by your bed to write down any concerns to follow up on the next day. Temperature It’s advised that your bedroom should be between 14ºc and 18ºc at night. Therefore, if it’s above or below this recommendation, you might need to change the temperature. In the winter, make sure all windows are closed for several hours before bedtime and even think about keeping the heating on into the evening. In the summer, sleep with both your windows and bedroom door open to help cool things down. Sleep tight Following these everyday tips and buying a new mattress or bedding if yours are old and uncomfortable could be all you need to start sleeping better. And as if that wasn't all, in turn, the extra sleep can lead to improvements in appearance, health and general wellbeing. So why not start 2017 the right way with a few new additions to your bedroom?
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