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5 easy ways to stop snoring

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Though we laugh about it, snoring is an issue that can seriously damage the health of the people it affects. If you or your partner has a bad snoring problem, it can ruin your sleeping patterns and contribute to stress, bad moods, exhaustion and lots of other problematic conditions. Yet help is at hand. There are some very simple steps you can take to stop snoring and help both yourself and those around you get a good night’s sleep. • Sleep in a different position Sleeping position is a big contributor to snoring. If this is the reason why you rattle the windows while you take 40 winks, it should be an easy fix. If you sleep on your back, the base of your tongue is wedged up against the back wall of your throat. This vibrates while you sleep and causes a pretty dreadful rattling sound. Try sleeping on your side. • Slim down Another key factor common amongst some snorers is weight. If you have recently begun snoring while you sleep, ask yourself if this occurred alongside an increase in your weight. If so, a better diet and bit more movement will not just shrink your waistline, it will also make for a less noisy nap. • Lay off the booze If you go to bed drunk, you’re far more likely to snore because alcohol reduces the resting tone of your throat muscles. If you want to drink but don’t want to snore, give it four hours between your last drink and the time you hit the sack for the night. • Stick to a healthy sleep timetable If you have erratic sleep patterns, this can encourage you to snore more regularly as, when you do go to bed, you will be doing so overtired. This sort of ‘hard sleep’ is likely to make you snore due to how floppy your muscles are as a result of fatigue. • Drink fluids Hydration is key to better sleep and less snoring. Dehydration leads to gumminess in your soft palate and nose – bad news for anybody in the vicinity hoping for a quiet night’s rest. Between drinks and food, you should be getting about 15 cups of water every day. This will help cut out the snoring. Even if you are a chronic snorer, it does not have to be a permanent condition. Take these five steps and give yourself and those around you a bit of peace at night time.
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