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5 Health Conditions Helped by a Memory Foam Mattress from Kaymed

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Kaymed Beds is one of the leading makers of memory foam mattresses in the UK. In business since 1898, the company started making foam mattresses in 1970 and visco elastic memory foam mattresses since 1990. Quality memory foam mattresses are highly regarded as comfortable, but they also offer benefits for people suffering from a number of health conditions. Here?s a list of five health conditions that may be improved by sleeping on a memory foam mattress. Allergies Visco-elastic memory foam is hypoallergenic. Memory foam is also naturally resistant to mold, and unattractive to the dust mites that are the cause of many allergies. Arthritis Sleep can be uncomfortable if you have arthritis. Worse, it leaves you with stiff, painful joints during the day. A memory foam mattress is designed to mold to your body and support it properly during sleep, reducing the stress and pressure on joints that leads to pain and stiffness during the day. Back Pain Memory foam mattresses are designed to keep your spine properly aligned during sleep. This results in less strain on the spine and less pain both during sleep and the next day. Fibromyalgia Sleeping on a memory foam mattress places far less pressure on sensitive spots than sleeping on a traditional innerspring mattress. That means less pain and better sleep, which can result in less pain during the day as well. Poor Circulation If you suffer from poor circulation, the effects can be worsened during sleep when the weight of your body constricts the flow of blood at pressure points. Memory foam mattresses are designed to reduce pressure points by molding to your body rather than pushing back against it. While there are few independent medical studies to confirm the health benefits of sleeping on memory foam mattresses, thousands of people who suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia and other painful conditions report that they sleep better and have less pain when they sleep on a memory foam mattress. If you?re one of the millions who suffer from one of the conditions above, talk to your doctor about the possible benefits of changing your mattress out for a memory foam mattress. www.mattressnextday.co.uk
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