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5 Reasons to replace an old mattress

Everyone has to replace a mattress at some point and it can definitely be a pain, but it is sometimes hard to determine exactly when is the best time to replace that old mattress with a new one. There are actually 5 reasons as to why you should replace that old mattress and those 5 reasons are outlined for you below: 1.The bed weight has doubled due to dust mite feces - 10 years after you purchase your mattress, the weight of the bed is actually double what it used to be. This is because dust mites that feed off of dead skin leave their dropping in the bed. 2.New technology means better sleep - There is always some kind of new technology coming out that inhibits better sleep. Let's take the memory foam mattress, for example. It moulds to the body, which creates support for those pressure points and takes pressure away from the spine. 3.Back pain - Back pain tends to be one of the main reasons people replace their mattress. A supportive mattress can keep the spine aligned. 4.Improve your performance - By getting a good night's sleep, you can improve your memory and your overall efficiency. If you find yourself nodding off during the day, then it may be time for a new mattress. 5.It has been 8-10 years - The mattress should be replaced after 8-10 years anyway. Longer than 10 years can be a bad thing. Mattress Next Day is probably the largest mattress superstore on the internet. Selling a wide range of mattresses from leading manufacturers, we can offer quality mattresses at fantastic prices. Our next day delivery service is free or, if you prefer, you can select your own delivery date. We can even guarantee delivery before 9.30am on request. Take a look at our range of mattresses now at www.mattressnextday.co.uk, or call us on 0844 3911 222 for more information.

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