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5 Reasons to Sleep on a Kaymed Memory Foam Mattress

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Memory foam mattresses are among the best sellers of premier UK bedding maker, Kaymed Beds. What is it that has made memory foam mattresses so highly popular with hundreds of thousands of satisfied sleepers throughout the world? Here are the top five reasons that people choose to change out their old mattresses for a new memory foam mattress from Kaymed Beds. 1. Memory foam mattresses are comfortable and luxurious. Kaymed memory foam mattresses offer the ultimate in comfort for most sleepers. The visco memory foam is designed to cradle your entire body in sumptuous comfort. The foam softens with your body heat and molds to the shape of your body while providing superior support for all of your curves and angles. 2. Memory foam mattresses offer superior support for your body. Your sleep comfort?and therefore your sleep quality?depend on the support that you get from your sleeping surface. When you sleep on a typical firm mattress, your body is often bent out of alignment as it tries to fit itself against a flat surface. When you sleep on memory foam, by contrast, your mattress fits itself to the shape of your body, equalizing the support everywhere that you need it. 3. Better mattress support means better, healthier sleep and more complete rest. One of the most important benefits of sleeping on a memory foam mattress is that you?re less likely to suffer typical sleep disturbances. Because foam adapts to your body and cushions where you need cushioning, your sleep is less likely to be disturbed by minor aches from pressure on joints or discomfort from sleeping in awkward positions. That means that you sleep better, and your entire life benefits from that better sleep. 4. Foam mattresses are easier to maintain and care for. Memory foam mattresses are no-turn mattresses. Because there are no springs to sag and wear, there is no need to turn your mattress head to foot regularly, nor to flip it on your bed. That makes your life easier all around. 5. Memory foam mattresses are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. The typical inner spring mattress can harbor well over 100,000 dust mites, which can cause allergic reactions that range from rashes to asthma attacks. Memory foam is not hospitable to dust mites, which can?t use the foam for food. While they are not 100% proof against dust mites, they greatly reduce the allergens in your bedroom and make for a more comfortable night?s sleep. www.mattressnextday.co.uk
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