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5 Sleep Goals To Set Yourself For Better Sleep

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Goals don't always need to be set after the new year. Did you know, in general, people tend to stick to things better if it's part of their 'goals'? It's common knowledge that as a nation we're in the worst sleep rut ever. We could all benefit from a good nights kip. Here are 5 Sleep Goals To Set Yourself For Better Sleep...

Be realistic with your schedule

Setting unrealistic bedtimes is what makes most of us fall at the first hurdle with getting more sleep. If you don't feel tired at 9 pm then as idyllic as a 9 pm bedtime sounds, you shouldn't try to go to bed at 9 pm. Set a bedtime close to what time you generally go to bed, give or take half an hour and then stick with it. You can gradually push the time back if you want to start going to bed earlier. But do it gradually and you'll likely stick with it.

Exercise more

This is normally a separate goal of its own but exercise and sleep go hand in hand, so try and group them into one goal. Exercising regularly encourages good quality sleep and will definitely help you feel more worn out at bedtime. Exercising encourages more deep sleep and don't panic, it doesn't mean you need to hit the gym for 2 hours a day. Choosing to walk instead of taking the car makes a huge difference in sleep quality. Be careful not to exercise too much though, as this has the opposite effect.

Calculated napping

Napping doesn't always have to involve going to bed for an hour and waking up covered in dribble feeling 10 times worse. When done properly, napping can benefit sleep quality greatly. If you feel tired during the day and have something that requires concentration, napping for 20-30 minutes improves your alertness by 80%. A 20-30 minute nap will make you feel refreshed and also won't interfere with your night's sleep.

Get comfy

Comfort is key when it comes to good sleep. Even if you feel comfy when you're dropping off, if you find yourself waking up during the night your mattress could be causing you pain. Having a mattress and bedding that's right for you is extremely important when it comes to sleep health. If you want to know more about finding your perfect mattress, check out our Mattress Guide. There's no better way to get comfy than by getting a new duvet!
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