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10 Ways to Spruce up the Bedroom without Spending a Mint

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Every now and then, your bedroom could use a makeover. If you do want to enliven the place up without making too much of an effort, check this list for some cool ideas that could work for your personal space:
  1. Add more pillows; it instantly transforms your cheap wooden bedframe into something more luxurious. You can mix up different sizes, different shapes and different prints or you could go a little more minimalist and finally spring for the giant memory foam pillows you have wanted to have for ages.
  2. If blank walls are leaving you uninspired, work up the creative juice and whip up some DIY artwork. It could be something as simple as printing out and framing some of your favorite shots (you know your Instagram account has some real treasures in there) or going all out and trying your hand at oil painting just for kicks.
  3. Put in a splash of color, or a bold pattern. You could use this in a number of ways, from the bed sheets, to the drapes, to even painting an accent wall. Pick a color that makes you happy.
  4. Get new sheets. Everybody should get to sleep on luxurious cotton sheets every night; if we all did, we would wake up more cheerfully in the morning.
  5. Make an inspiration wall. You can fill it up with everything from positive affirmations to little keepsakes. Choose items which remind you how special you are so that every time you look at it, you get a boost of self-esteem. It’s such a small thing but for many people, this dose of positivity in the morning can really make a difference in how they go through the rest of the day.
  6. Get some mood lighting; harsh fluorescent bulbs don’t do you any favors when it comes to helping you relax and unwind. Install some dimmer switches so you can control the level of brightness as needed. If this is too much work for you, then get a lamp that emits warm yellow light or at the very least, some scented candles.
  7. Buy a new memory foam mattress if you haven’t already, especially if you have been sleeping on the same bed for the past five years.
  8. Get rid of all the clutter; you can choose to stick them in closets or use decorative storage solutions but get them out of sight. You will be surprised how this alone can really change the way you feel inside the bedroom.
  9. Make your bedroom smell heavenly. Invest in a scent diffuser or put in an essential oil burner so that you can fill the space with relaxing scents like lavender. You will find yourself sleeping better.
  10. Nix the electronics. Having the TV and the computer in the bedroom really takes time away from sleeping or sharing bonding moments with your partner.
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