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A good night’s sleep: what to avoid before going to bed

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Experts recommend that adults should routinely get between seven to nine hours sleep each night. Those figures may seem high, but it’s actually what we need to function to the best of our ability during the day. If you’re falling short, you may not be hitting your full potential. Everyone should strive towards a good night’s sleep – and that means knowing what you can and can’t do before bed. Here’s a list of activities to avoid if you want to get some decent shuteye. Physical activity Many people are in the understanding that physical activity will wear them out before bed, thus helping them to sleep better. But in actual fact, any sort of exercise will accelerate your heart rate and energy levels. This in turn makes it difficult for your body to switch off when it’s time for lights out. Greasy foods Ideally, you shouldn’t eat any foods on the run up to bedtime. However, if the munchies strike and you simply can’t resist chowing down, then make sure to steer clear of greasy foods. Such foods are high in fat and will have your stomach working overtime to digest them during the night. Staring at a screen It’s difficult to switch off from technology. But before bed, it’s actually very important to do so. Staring at a screen – whether on your phone, laptop or tablet – stimulates the brain at a time when it should really be winding down. Your body won’t appreciate the mixed signals when it’s trying to shut down. Drinks high in caffeine You should really avoid anything with caffeine well on the run up to your bedtime. In fact, experts recommend you shouldn’t consume caffeine at least four hours before you aim to go to sleep. This includes drinking tea and coffee, but also eating snacks high in caffeine, like chocolate. Sugary foods A sugar rush can strike at anytime after consuming sugary snacks. Therefore you could be fast asleep when all of a sudden it hits. This could be at a massively inconvenient hour, like 3am. Sleep tight If you avoid these foods and activities, you’ll be well on your way to an extremely restful night. Of course, if you're still looking for a better nights' sleep, then it could be time to get a new mattress - and Mattressnextday.co.uk can help with that, so why not have a look for a new mattress now? Sleep tight!
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