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Adding Extra Space to Your Bedroom with a Healthopaedic Bed

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How can purchasing a larger bed actually add space to your bedroom? Healthopaedic bed, it is possible. Not only are these beds more comfortable for sleeping, but with the drawer divan options available, you?ll have tons of storage space conveniently out of sight and organized. Drawer divans are available on all Healthopaedic beds. Every bedroom is different, so there are a number of configurations from which to choose. You can mix and match the drawers to work with your space needs. For those who want large drawers for bigger or longer items, you can choose either a drawer at the foot of the bed or a single side drawer. These drawers pull out at either the foot or the side and reach back to the middle of the bed. It is like dividing your bed in half for a large drawer space underneath. If you?re interested in small drawer options, you can choose drawer divans that are either a quarter the size of your bed or an either the size. These drawers pull out from the sides, and you can mix and match them with larger drawer divans. Additionally, you can choose drawers with sliding doors to open into the space, rather than drawers that pull out. This option is available for larger drawers and is perfect when space is an issue in your bedroom. Again, you can mix and match slider drawers with pull out drawer options, depending on your needs. Healthopaedic mattresses are great for sleeping, but no bed is perfect if it doesn?t account for your lifestyle needs. In addition to a good night?s sleep on a memory foam mattress, Healthopaedic beds will help you stay organized in your home with under-the-bed drawers. You can?t beat the value of a top-of-the-line mattress combined with excellent home storage. www.mattressnextday.co.uk
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