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Alarm Clocks That Will Definitely Wake You Up

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  Are you a heavy sleeper? Can you manage to sleep through sirens and throngs of screaming people? This means that you need to throw your old alarm clock out the window. Replace it with any of these foolproof alarm clocks – all designed to wake up even the most sound of sleepers.  

Retro-Style Blender Alarm Clock

If you want to get up early for your most-awaited job interview, then you are going to need the Retro-Style Blender Alarm Clock, available at the Bimbam Banana website for GBP 54. It is one of the best clocks to wake you up, since it blasts the blender to the sounds of churning Styrofoam. If you are not deterred with this, then the blender will go on to play you absurd and irritating retro songs.  


Costing GBP 24, the red Clocky is the best product for snooze-button addicts like you. This wheeled alarm clock jumps up from your nightstand after you press the snooze button. It continuously beeps and hides until you finally wake up from your peaceful slumber.  

Dumbbell Clock

Exercise in the morning will definitely keep you going – and this is what you need to do with the aptly-shaped dumbbell clock. Weighing barely a kilogram, this clock will only shut off after you have accomplished 30 bicep curls. If you think you can cheat the dumbbell clock – think again. It comes with internal sensors that know if you are indeed doing the bicep curls.  

Twist Equation Clock

Are you more than tempted to sleep once again? The Twist Equation Clock will drive you out your bed for good. Costing only GBP 10, this maniac of an alarm clock will only turn off if you enter a correct equation in the LED display in front you.  


Do you want to save money and wake up early all at the same time? Then what you need to do is purchase the BanClock, GBP 47, from the Audio Cubes website. You need to deposit coins in the clock in order to stop it from buzzing. While you can do this for as long as you can, you will definitely reach a point when you do not have any coins to feed the clock anymore.  

Kim, the Talking Clock

If irritating sounds do not arouse you from sleep, then you will definitely wake up from the robotic sounds of Kim, the talking clock. Available at Uncommon Goods for GBP 27, this mechanical clock features a humanoid design with a robotic voice. When it is time for you to wake up, the talking clock will flash her bright red eyes at you. If this is not enough, she will crow nonstop like a bedside rooster.   If you find it difficult to wake up in the morning, then an unconventional alarm clock such as the aforementioned ones will do you good. With their eccentric features, you will find yourself jumping off from your cozy bed in no time.
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