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Bedroom design trends 2019

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A bedroom re-vamp in the new year might be exactly what you need. A change in surroundings can really perk up your mood & bring in the new year the right way. Often when changing interior it can get tricky on what sort of theme to go for. Especially the bedroom. There are so many different ways to style it but ultimately, it needs to be a relaxing space that suits you. We've picked our favourite bedroom design trends 2018 to give you some inspiration.

Earthy Neutrals

Wood is coming back in a big way in 2018. The earthy neutrals trend is perfect for creating a bright, relaxing space whilst keeping it completely on trend. A great style if you're a fan of simplicity and plants in the bedroom. This look is best paired with grey and white simple accessories.


It's safe to say feature walls are coming back for 2018. To keep this style on trend then try playing around with Geometrics. This is a great way to implement a bit of personality into your bedroom whilst keeping it simple and relaxing. If a feature wall is a bit much for your taste, try adding Geometrics with accessories. Pillows, throws, lamps and tables are all great ways to add a sharp edge to your bedroom.


Navy may actually overtake the leading colour of last year, grey. A stunning colour for the bedroom but be sure to keep your accessories light. Being such a dark colour it can really darken the room, making it appear smaller. If your room is on the smaller side and you'd like to implement navy, add a feature wall. Brighten the navy feature wall up with a white bed and lamps.


Fret not, the minimalist trend will still be as fashionable in 2018 as it was last year. The great thing about the minimal trend is it's actually the most relaxing space you could provide for yourself. Keeping your bedroom bright and airy can help you wake up easier in the mornings and unwind faster at night. There's a reason some of the most successful people in the world live a minimalist life. To keep this style on tend - keep the room as light & bright as possible. Accessories to a minimum and of course, a few prints and plants.


Bold colours will be making more of an appearance in 2018. Adding pops of colour to your space can brighten your mood, try a bright yellow or lime green to keep this look on trend. This a really easy style to achieve as you can keep your bedroom simple but brighten it up with accessories. Bedding, cushions or even chairs add personality to your simple space. Shop our bed frames and divan beds.
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