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Beds and their fairy tale role

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Beds and their care are surrounded by surprising myths and legends. Just to reinforce how integral our beds are to our lives, we've picked out a few well-know fairy tales where the bed's the star. From the three bears' beds in Goldilocks to the princess's bed in Sleeping Beauty, fairy tales are often built around sleeping places. In Goldilocks, the bears' beds are simple and reflective of the bears themselves - a big, uncomfortable one for the father, a smaller, softer one for the mother and a tiny, cosy one for the baby. The part of the story where Goldilocks falls asleep in the baby bear's bed appeals to our subconscious desires to be safe and comfortable. On the other hand, Sleeping Beauty's bed is a true piece of princess furniture - fit for anyone to spend 100 years fast asleep, waiting for Prince Charming. Invariably a four-poster, it is hung with beautiful fabrics and piled with cushions to keep the sleeping princess comfortable. For many people, particularly women, it's unsurprising that this early experience of the sheer luxury of a princess bed shapes their ideas of the perfect bed later in life. The bed is often the focal point of the story: in Little Red Riding Hood, it is the bed-ridden grandmother that inspires a visit from the heroine, and it is the bed itself that makes it easy for the wolf to disguise himself as granny once he's eaten her. The Princess and the Pea is entirely set around a test set by a King who believes that only a true princess would be sensitive enough to feel the presence of a pea through dozens of feather mattresses. If you want to create your own fairy tale, invest in a great new bed that you can read in and dream in. Whether it's a four poster bed, a Victorian iron bedstead or a curvy sleigh bed, you can find the bed you're looking for by contacting us. Bed Next Day sells a range of traditional single, double, king and superking beds, most of which are available with next day delivery. Brands include Silentnight, the Original Bedstead Company, Sprung Land and Sealy. Take a look at the beds available on our website, www.mattressnextday.co.uk and order online today, or call 0844 3911 222 if you have any questions.
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