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Beds and their uses

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Like most things, beds can be used for more than they were intended for. Wherever people see an opportunity to use a piece of furniture for something other than its intended use, they take advantage of it. That's why kids jump on beds and sofas. Bed designers have taken advantage of this: Play-beds Kids love the new play-beds that are on the market. Midsleepers with ladders for climbing up and slides for whizzing down, or beds that look like forts or fairy castles are increasingly popular, as are those beds that are in the shape of racing cars, princess carriages or fire engines. Sofa beds Using beds as seats isn't new, but designers are continuing to update the sofa bed concept. Mechanisms are smoother, mattresses are more supportive and the beds are more comfortable in general. When they're folded up to create a sofa, they are stylish and easy to manoeuvre. Sofa beds now come in all shapes and sizes - even as part of a large integral general sofa. The flexibility that a sofa bed gives you makes them a popular choice for guest rooms, offices and living areas. Waterbeds Waterbeds have, historically, had an image problem, and many people are worried about the potential for waterbeds to go wrong. Advances in technology, however, mean that waterbeds are practical, affordable and reliable. Manufacturers say that a waterbed will provide excellent support for your back and neck whilst sleeping and built-in elements even let you warm the bed up before you get in. If you're looking for a new bed experience, do some research on waterbeds. Bed races This may possibly be the most unusual use for a bed so far. There are several places around the country that hold bed races. Perhaps the most famous and well-attended is the Knaresborough Bed Race. Held every summer in this North Yorkshire market town, the bed race attracts teams from across the country. Each team is racing to raise money for its own dedicated charity. The race, which features steep hills and a river crossing, also includes a competition for the best-dressed bed and serious competitors are in training for the next race almost as soon as the previous race is finished. Bed Next Day sells a range of traditional and contemporary single, double, king and superking beds, most of which are available with next day delivery. Brands include Silentnight, the Original Bedstead Company, Sprung Land and Sealy. Take a look at the beds available on our website, www.mattressnextday.co.uk and order online today, or call 0844 3911 222 if you have any questions.
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