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Beds for a taste of the Mediterranean

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Bring the sunshine into your room with Mediterranean bed styles. We all come back home after a wonderful holiday, desperate to re-create the atmosphere and ambience of our villa or hotel in our own homes. The simple clean lines and bright colours of Mediterranean beds and bedrooms is easy to reproduce - even if we don't have quite the same control over the weather. The thing about villa, apartment and hotel rooms is that they are uncluttered. No piles of books, no unnecessary ornaments, no ironing, laundry baskets or dressing tables groaning under the weight of lotions and potions. Our holiday bedrooms reveal to us the simplicity and beauty of a simply furnished, well dressed room that offers a really relaxing place to sleep. Beds for Mediterranean nights So, if you want to turn your own bedroom into a Mediterranean oasis, where do you start? You may need to look at new beds, if your current bed is either getting on in years - over 10 years means it's time for a change - or if the style is wrong for your new look. Wrought iron beds are great for this style of d?cor. Choose a simple design, and try and complement it with the light fittings and accessories you choose. Remember that beds aren't just for show - make sure that you're happy with the comfort and support that your bed and mattress give you if you're buying new. If you already have a wrought iron bed, consider painting it a different colour to give a new feel. Colours The colours used in bedrooms across the Mediterranean are one of the reasons they appeal to us so much. The use of deep colours is enhanced by the natural sunlight in your holiday destination - don't expect the same back in the UK. It might be wise to lighten your colours a tone or two, but still go for luscious blues, yellows and terracottas, together with some white to give you a contrast. Accessories You don't want to clutter your room, but choosing some simple candles, coloured glass, hand-painted tiles and complementary prints will bring your room together. Bed Next Day sells a range of traditional and contemporary single, double, king and superking beds, most of which are available with next day delivery. Brands include Silentnight, the Original Bedstead Company, Sprung Land and Sealy. Take a look at the beds available on our website, www.mattressnextday.co.uk and order online today, or call 0844 3911 222 if you have any questions.
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