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Beds for teenagers

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What types of beds are suitable for teens? The teenage bed market is possibly the least distinctive in the overall bed market. There are plenty of cute and imaginative beds available for smaller children and a wide range of traditional and contemporary beds for adults, but there's not much that's dedicated to teenagers - so how can you make their rooms that little bit different? What beds do teenagers want? The teenage years are times of change in all sorts of ways. Both boys and girls are growing both in terms of height, shape and needs and have a wide range of aspirations. They want to stamp their personal mark on anything they come into touch with, and their bedroom is one of their most important spaces. They are looking for beds that fit in with their design ideas, beds that make them feel more grown up; beds that allow them to relax with friends. What beds to teenagers need? Teenagers need a lot of sleep. Not only do their bodies need time to rest and adjust to all the changes that are happening to them, but recent research has shown that good quality sleep helps to reinforce everything that's been learned during the day. A teenager that's deprived of sleep will quickly turn into the grumpy stereotype we all know and love. It's important, then, that a teenager's bed is big enough and comfortable enough to let them sleep well. Don't make them sleep in the same bed you bought them when they were 5. It's time for a change - a more grown-up looking and feeling bed will help their self-confidence, whilst a new mattress will give their bodies the support they need. It is possible to combine the things teenagers want from their beds with the things they need. A standard double gives your teen plenty of room to move around and provides them with a focal spot in their room. The choice of bedding is far wider for double beds, so they can choose the colours and styles they want and dress the bed however they like. Take them with you to try out beds and mattresses - this is one decision they have to make by themselves if they (and you) want to benefit from really good quality sleep. Bed Next Day sells a range of traditional single, double, king and superking beds, most of which are available with next day delivery. Brands include Silentnight, the Original Bedstead Company, Sprung Land and Sealy. Take a look at the beds available on our website, www.mattressnextday.co.uk and order online today, or call 0844 3911 222 if you have any questions.
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