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Beds - what sleeping position says about you

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Does the position you sleep in give any clues about your personality? Whatever we think of our beds, they provide the best place for us to relax and refresh our bodies. The position you sleep in may affect the quality of sleep you get and the way you feel in the morning. Many of us are unaware of the position we adopt when we're asleep, whereas others go to sleep and wake up in exactly the same pose. A few years ago, the UK's Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, headed up by Professor Chris Idzikowski, undertook some research into the way we sleep and whether it reveals anything about our personality. Asking 1000 people about the way they slept, the study looked at six different sleeping positions, and came up with the following results: ? The Foetus Position - this was the most common position, adopted by 41% of the people surveyed, and by a significant proportion of the women in the study. People who sleep this way are described as tough on the outside but sensitive at heart. They may be shy when they first meet someone, but soon relax. ? The Log Position - this position involves lying on your side, with both arms down by your sides. Used by 15% of the study group, this position indicates an easy going, sociable people who are trusted by strangers. They may show signs of gullibility. ? Freefall - sleeping flat on your stomach with your arms around the pillow identifies you as a Freefaller. Whilst you may be gregarious and even seen as brash, you could be sensitive to criticism and unable to deal with extreme situations. ? Starfish - the sleeping position adopted by just 5% of the group - but often seen in children - the starfish position involves lying on your back with your arms thrown up around the pillow. It is believed to be adopted by people who listen to others, make good friends and help out others, but don't like to be the centre of attention. ? The Yearner Position - lying on your side with your arms stretched out in front of you makes you a Yearner. You are likely to have an open nature, but perhaps be more suspicious or cynical than others. Taking a long time to reach a decision, they are less likely to be swayed from it than others may be. ? The Soldier Position - only 8% of the people interviewed for this study used this position - lying flat on your back with your arms at your sides. This position reveals you as someone who sets high standards, but is quiet and reserved. When you're trying out new beds for your room, have a think about which sleeping position is most comfortable for you and what that position says about your personality. Bed Next Day sells a range of traditional and contemporary single, double, king and superking beds, most of which are available with next day delivery. Brands include Silentnight, the Original Bedstead Company, Sprung Land and Sealy. Take a look at the beds available on our website, www.mattressnextday.co.uk and order online today, or call 0844 3911 222 if you have any questions.
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