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The Best Hotels for a Serene Slumber

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  If you travel often for leisure or work, then you know how hard it is to sleep in hotels. Fortunately, many hotel chains have recognized this all-too-common problem. In fact, a handful have gone great llengths just to provide their clients with the best sleep experience. Wherever your feet might take you, know that you can sleep like a baby by checking-in at any of these best hotels for a serene slumber:  

Swissotel Berlin, Germany

Off to see the Berlin Wall? Then it is best if you score reservations at the Swissotel Berlin. This stunning hotel is famous for its “Deep Sleep Package,” which guarantees guests a lovely slumber experience. The concept, developed by Dr. Michael Feld, ensures bio-psycho-physiologic regeneration through the following offers:  
  • Accommodation in a beautiful guestroom
  • Daily breakfast buffet
  • Wake-up power drink
  • Calm-down drink
  • Morning bright light lamp session/ light-to-go headset
  • Morning and evening aromatherapy sessions
  • Power Nap lounge use
  • Night sound-pillow

Hotel Gabriel, Paris, France

Paris is not only the city of love;it is now the city of great sleep as well. Adding this esteemed title to the romantic city is the great Hotel Gabriel. The hotel is the first in the world to offer Nightcove, a sleep companion designed by Professor Damien Leger and Patrick Jouin. Those who stay in Nightcove-equipped rooms can enjoy numerous perks, such as the sleep/wake-up programs and nap programs. Through the ambient music and lighting provided through these programs, you can snooze easily – with the Eiffel Tower as your backdrop.

The Benjamin Hotel, New York, USA

New York might be the city that never sleeps, but at the Benjamin Hotel, you can capture the slumber that seems to evade the Big Apple. All this is made possible by the Benjamin’s Sleep Program, spearheaded by sleep expert Rebecca Robins. As the hotel’s sleep ambassador, she ensures the guests’ peaceful slumbers through the following features:  
  • Rest and Renew Pillow Menu
  • Power Naps
  • Sleep-inducing Bedtime Bites

Crowne Plaza St. James, London, England

Apart from the Big Ben and the River Thames, another thing that attracts avid travellers to London is the famed Crowne Plaza in St. James. It offers a beneficial Sleep Advantage program. Guests who avail of this package are treated to a room located in the hotel’s “Quiet Zone.” Add to that, clients are given soothing aromatherapy kits that foster a good night’s snooze.

Park Hyatt Beaver Creek, Colorado, USA

If you want to visit Colorado’s famed canyons and sand dunes, then make sure to book a night at Park Hyatt in Beaver Creek. Here, you can sleep peacefully, many thanks to its knowledgeable employees – all trained by a sleep ambassador. The hotel also has TVs outfitted with a Sound Sleep TV channel, featuring snooze-inducing music crafted by a world-renowned sleep expert. Add to that, guests can get slumber massages right in their own rooms – guaranteed to relax the muscles and help them sleep right away. When shuffling through hotels, your main concern should be getting enough sleep, above all else. By staying at these hotels, you are guaranteed to do so – even if you are a picky sleeper.  
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