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Buying Guide For Choosing a New Bed

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Time for a bed upgrade? When choosing a new bed there are a few key things to think about. Picking the right size and right frame for you are both very important. Find out everything you need to know in our handy Buying Guide For Choosing a New Bed.

Buying Guide For Choosing A New Bed


Measuring up for a new bed is key. It's important not to assume that a double bed is the same size across all beds. Some beds have a larger bed frame and others have none. It's also important to make sure your mattress is U.K standard measurements. Sometimes purchasing from a European retailer such as Ikea can alter the size. Make sure to check the full measurements of the frame and mattress before purchasing.

The Frame

Beds come in all shapes, sizes and designs. The frame of the bed can actually make a difference to the comfort of the mattress. A divan bed with springs, for example, can add extra support and soften the feel of the mattress. Whereas slatted beds can reduce the overall support of the mattress and make it feel firmer. You can also purchase a solidly based divan which can make the mattress feel firmer and provide extra support from top to toe. If you're still not sure what style to go for, try some out in store.

Picking the right size

More often than not we're cheating ourselves out of comfort by picking the wrong bed size. Many couples sleep in a double bed when a king size could be more beneficial. King sizes are great for couples that like a little extra space to spread out. They're also a great choice for taller people since they have extra length. If you're 6ft and over it's recommended to sleep in a king size. With an extra 10 cm of length, a king size can make a huge difference to a taller persons sleep quality.

If you are a single person looking to save space, a small double can be a great choice. Offering slightly less space than an average double, it's perfect for single adults or teenagers. If you need a specific size mattress such as a child's mattress but not sure what to go for, feel free to talk to one of our sleep advisors for some advice.

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