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Buying Guide For Guest Beds

Whether you're looking to save space or the best bedding for you guest bed. You'll find it in our helpful buying guide for guest beds.

Buying Guide For Guest Beds

The Right Mattress

When choosing a guest bed you need to think about your guests sleeping needs. Not everyone likes the same mattress style. Medium firmness mattresses are regarded as the universal mattress. Since they're suitable for all body types this makes them the perfect choice for a guest bed. Making sure your guests get the comfortable nights sleep they deserve.

Space Saving

Often times, guest beds are either in smaller rooms or need folding away altogether. There are a few types of beds to consider when purchasing a guest bed. Divan beds can be great options for spare rooms. Because they have no frame they're not as wide or long as a standard bed frame. Divans also come with optional under-bed storage. The added storage can be really handy in a spare room to store away unused items like Christmas decorations.

Sofa Beds

Sofa beds are a great option for households with no spare room. They're multi-functional and generally quite stylish. Although they're not as comfortable as a regular bed, there are some ways to make them a little cosier. A great way to up the comfort is some deluxe bedding. Using a thicker duvet and pillows can make a massive difference. If the mattress is too firm, using a memory foam mattress topper will reduce the firmness.


When choosing the for your guest bed it's important to plan ahead. Keeping it hygienic for as long as possible starts with bedding. Mattress protectors are a great way of prolonging the life of the mattress and keeping it as hygienic as possible. Hypoallergenic bedding also prevents the chances of getting bed bugs. It also has natural antibacterial properties helping keep the bed clean and hygienic.

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