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Buying your first mattress together? Helpful tips for couples

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So you've taken the plunge and you're moving in together. Their bed is quite comfortable and your bed has always given you a decent night's sleep, but you want something that says 'ours'. Few things are as important in making any relationship run smoothly than feeling well rested, so here are our tips to making that perfect mattress purchase simple and straightforward. Consider size Don't opt for a standard size mattress, plump for at least a queen, or preferably a king, size. You need space - we all make involuntary movements during the third and fourth 'deep sleep' cycles, and however much you love to snuggle, you'll often find you appreciate the extra space. Talk it over What do you both want from the ideal mattress? Remember, one person's soft and luxurious is another person's pain in the back. If you can't agree, then compromise - look for a mattress with a mix of firmness levels or use a mattress pad on one side of the bed. Our friendly team can give suggestions on what solutions we offer. Discuss your budget Draw up a budget before you start to shop and stick to it. If you can't find the mattress you want at a price you can afford, contact us for help - we offer big brands at surprisingly affordable prices. Don't suffer a terrible night's sleep on a poor quality bargain mattress just to save yourself a few pounds - your body, and your relationship, won't thank you if you do. Get the basics right Pocket sprung or memory foam? Or both? The choices can be bewildering, so take time to do some online research before you commit to a purchase. Shop together This is the fun part, and once you've stopped bouncing around like excitable kids, you can take the time to lie down and relax and check the mattress for size and comfort - a national sleep survey found that 66% of couples blamed their partner for a disrupted night's sleep. A mattress is an important purchase, so taking time to get it right makes sense. Our showroom stocks thousands of models for you to try before you buy.
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