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Choosing a Top Memory Foam Mattress

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You might have heard the adverts about memory foam mattresses that form to your body and create the perfect sleep surface for you, cradling your body and letting you get a perfect night's sleep. Unfortunately, not all memory foam mattresses are made equal, and you could very well find that the bed you bought at a discount price was not worth the money spent. So what are they not telling you? Memory foam mattresses work because they react to your body heat, softening as your body warms the mattress and thus forming to your body to give you that wonderfully restful sleep that you have been dreaming about. Some memory foam mattresses, however, are sensitive to heat and cold, but not at the temperatures that your body is actually capable of generating. This makes their heat sensitivity claims absolutely useless, and your perfectly restful sleep will remain nothing more than a dream. Not every memory foam mattress will let you down, although you should read carefully to find out what range of temperatures the memory foam will respond to. You should also know that you cannot figure this out just by lying on a memory foam mattress to check it out. Any foam mattress will contour somewhat to your shape because of the open cell technology, but they will not all do so with the precision and therefore the comfort level that the premium memory foam mattresses offer. So what is the bottom line, here? You can get a great memory foam mattress, or you can get a discount memory foam mattress, however spending less money on this particular item really does mean skimping on quality. If memory foam sounds ideal for you, then make sure you are willing to spend the money for a great brand to really get the quality that you want and need. www.mattressnextday.co.uk
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