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Whether or not you get a good night’s sleep depends on a number of different factors, such as the softness of your mattress and duvet, how relaxed you are and whether you have anything on your mind when you climb into bed. However, there’s one factor that you might have overlooked: the quality of your pyjamas. If you’re having difficulty sleeping, your pyjamas might be to blame. They can have a huge impact on how comfortable you feel when in bed, which can ultimately affect your sleep patterns. Choosing a set of pyjamas that will help you get a great night’s sleep isn’t as easy as you might think, so we’ve come up with a list of tips that might help you. 1. Avoid buttons or zips While pyjamas with buttons or zips may look perfectly comfortable, they aren’t always practical. If you roll over in the night, those extraneous buttons or zips may press against your skin in an uncomfortable manner. This can disrupt your sleep. Even if you don’t actually wake up, the discomfort can affect the quality of your sleep. That’s why we suggest that you opt for loose or elasticated pyjamas without any buttons or zips. 2. Choose a soft material Rough or coarse materials aren’t a great choice for pyjamas, as they can often feel scratchy and unpleasant when worn for long periods of time. They can also restrict your movements. You should always opt for pyjamas in soft, flexible materials that remain comfortable throughout the night, regardless of how much you move about in your sleep. 3. Select pyjamas that are appropriate to the weather During colder weather, you should opt for thicker pyjamas to avoid feeling too cold in the night. Similarly, during hot weather, you should choose thinner pyjamas to avoid overheating. Your temperature can affect how well you sleep, so always choose weather-appropriate pyjamas. Of course, even if you have the most comfortable pyjamas in the world, you will still need a suitable mattress, too. Check out our range of mattresses today and choose one that offers the same level of comfort as your best sleeping attire.

Author: Lucie

Lucie is a copywriter, trend spotter, and our resident sleep expert! Lucie has been with the team since 2018 and her articles cover a sweeping array of subjects from general product care, the latest bedroom design trends, ways to promote healthier sleep and jargon-busting explanations to help you understand what goes into our products. Do you have questions for Lucie & the team? Call one of our sleep experts today!

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