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Choosing The Right Duvet For You

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Shopping for a new duvet can be confusing. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out which one is best. When buying a duvet, there are three things to consider, the tog rating, the filling and the size. Here's our duvet buying guide to help with choosing the right duvet for you.

Tog rating

When shopping for a duvet you will have come across the term 'tog rating'. The tog rating is determined by warmth and thickness. Usually, tog ratings range from 4.5 to 13.5. However, they can go all the way up to 20 for extremely heavy winter duvets. If the duvet has a low tog, it's likely a summer duvet and if it's a high tog it's likely winter. If you prefer to use the same duvet year-round it's best to go for a medium tog. Experts suggest that changing the duvet with the season can actually help people sleep better. It's particularly advised if you are sensitive to changing temperatures.

Recommended tog levels:

Types of duvet filling

There are two main types of duvet fillings, natural and synthetic. Natural fibres are generally made from goose feathers and are considered to be good at regulating temperature. Synthetic fibres tend to be less expensive and a better choice for allergy sufferers since the filling is hypo-allergenic.

  • Natural fibre duvets allow the skin to breathe while you sleep and tend to avoid that stuffy feeling you get from some duvets. Because of the duvets breath-ability, it's also great at naturally regulating temperature. Preventing you from getting too hot or too cold. Generally, natural fibre duvets are made from goose or duck down making them extremely light.
  • Synthetic fibre duvets come in all different forms to emulate your favourite natural fibre duvets. Because they are synthetically made, it's ensured that the duvet is hypo-allergenic making them less likely to cause a reaction in allergy sufferers. They also don't require animal products to be produced making them better for the environment.

Duvet size

Usually, it's recommended to choose a duvet the same size as your bed. Duvets are always slightly longer and wider than the mattress itself to allow it to drape over the sides. However, some people prefer to size up in a duvet to allow extra for each person. This is a great solution if you or your partner tend to 'hog' the duvet. You should only size up by one size to avoid the duvet swamping the bed and looking out of place.

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