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Choosing the right type of mattress

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Choosing the best mattress for you can be tricky, and is an important decision that you want to get right. Have a read through our ultimate guide to different mattresses, before you make an informed decision on which is best for you and your lifestyle. There are four types of mattresses to choose from, all of which differ in style and price: Pocket sprung mattress These are the most popular type of mattress that people purchase, with over half of the population sleeping on them. As you would guess from the name, they are made from springs which are each sewn into individual pockets. They are supportive and comfortable, providing a firm surface for your back and body. They're also very efficient at keeping you cool, as the materials used are relatively breathable. Memory foam mattress Memory foam mattresses (or just memory mattresses) are become much more popular these days. They are topped with a layer of memory foam, a viscoelastic material which is temperature-sensitive. This will mould to the shape of your body, supporting you whichever position you sleep in. These mattresses can get a lot warmer than pocket sprung types, due to the materials used and the technique of curving around your body, so be aware of this if you tend to get warm in bed. Latex mattress Latex mattresses are much less commonly used, due to their price. They are built with a coil of latex springs inside them, making them resilient and long lasting. They are known for being natural and eco-friendly, but the cost of these mattresses can outweigh the health benefits for many people. Continuous coil mattress Continuous coil mattresses are usually the cheapest available, due to how easy they are to manufacture. Made from one continuous loop of wire, they can cause disruptions if your bed partner is an unsettled sleeper, as any movement will shift the whole bed. Easily mass-produced in bulk, these are normally what the 'budget' options are made up of. Mattress topper Although it's not a type of mattress, a mattress topper can be an ideal way of improving your current bed if you are not prepared to buy a whole new mattress. Normally made of memory foam, these are an additional layer that can be laid on top of your mattress to enhance your comfort and support.
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