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Climate Positive Workforce

Climate Positive Workforce

Here at MattressNextDay, our business model is undergoing consistent and wide-ranging changes, which are being reinforced by our recent partnership with Ecologi. Measures include the pledge to plant 1 million trees by 2030 and reducing plastic packaging.

Another such pledge we make involves something a lot closer to home - the people who make up our business. That's why we're doing everything we can to support and encourage a climate-positive workforce.

Being a climate positive workforce, means that we are now planting 12 trees per month for each of our employees - that's over 500 trees per month being planted. Doing this, will enable us to minimise our workforce's carbon footprint.  

What is a climate positive workforce?

A climate positive workforce is one that understands and recognises the current risks we face in terms of the environmental damage we're doing as a species. But recognising the risk is only half the battle. A truly climate-positive workforce is one that is committed to making practical changes in order to minimise its carbon footprint wherever possible.

Why does this matter? Because the issue isn't going to go away, and the sooner we can all begin to make positive changes in every element of our professional lives, as well as our personal ones, the sooner we can begin mitigating its damage. MattressNextDay is therefore committed to providing our employees with the support they need to implement changes.

Changes come in many forms. Commuting, for example, can cause a considerable environmental impact. Indeed, the average car can emit 500.45 pounds of carbon dioxide every single month. To that end, we're committed to implementing work from home policies wherever possible, and to providing our employees access to low-emission vehicles to use for business purposes. Working from home can help save up to the equivalent of 4678.93 square miles of forest!

Our partnership with Ecologi

As mentioned above, we're proud to be partnered with Ecologi, one of the world's leading organisations when it comes to helping businesses reduce their carbon footprints.

They allow us access to inspiration on a range of ways in which we can help minimise our emissions. They also provide us with the tools required to track the savings we're making, allowing us to see a clear visual representation of the benefits. That means we can also share those benefits with you, our customers, as further proof of the good work we're doing.

You can track our progress any time, and see for yourself in real-time how our business changes are having a positive impact on the environment, and maybe even get involved yourself.

The wider MattressNextDay pledge

A climate positive workforce is just one of many things we're doing at MattressNextDay to help fight the issue of climate change and our environment. Our pledges include transitioning to an all-electric vehicle fleet and planting a tree with every customer order.

This is because we're a business that values taking action. It's the same approach that leads us to offer such great levels of customer service because if we see a problem, we're willing to do whatever it takes to help solve it.

Author: Ryan Thaker

Ryan is a Marketing Executive, who joined MattressNextDay in October 2021. Having over 5 years marketing experience in higher education and recruitment, Ryan is looking to broaden his horizons and learn more about the mattress and online retail industries. He will be looking into the latest bedroom decor trends, sharing ways to sleep healthier and providing insights on products and the features they provide. If you have any questions for Ryan, please give him a call today!