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Could Feng Shui help you get a good night's sleep?

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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy, which supposes that humans are happier when the area around them works in harmony with their consciousness. Feng Shui has been used to help people get a better night's sleep for centuries and may involve moving furniture or improving ventilation. Read on to discover more about this ancient philosophy and how you can apply a few simple Feng Shui principles to your home to improve your nightly sleep. The origins of Feng Shui The origins of the philosophy lie in the Ancient Chinese tradition of Taoism. It was borne from the writings of a Tao mystic in the 5th century AD. Feng Shui bed placement tips for better sleep Firstly your bed must be in a 'commanding position'. This means it mustn't be in line or right next to the door and that you can see who enters the door from your lying position. Furthermore, ensure there is a good strong wall behind your head. These both make you feel safer and less under threat, both literally and metaphorically. Despite needing a wall behind your head, you need the two sides of the bed to be exposed rather than up against a wall if possible. This helps the qi energy flow around and under your bed better, plus it promotes symmetry. Air quality Good ventilation is key to good Feng Shui and as a result, to a better night's sleep. Try to keep your bedroom as well ventilated as possible, with windows open during the day to improve the quality of the air in your room. Tidy room, tidy mind The next step is to rid the room, and particularly the space under your bed, of clutter. This helps aid the flow of qi (an unseen energy that connects us all), one of the underlying principles of Feng Shui. Also, clean regularly to prevent dust build-up and cobwebs. The Feng Shui principles we have talked about here have solid, sensible reasoning behind them when it comes to improved sleep, such as clean, tidy rooms and good air. The idea of bed placement has been proven anecdotally for hundreds of years and for some it's a matter of experimentation to find the right bedroom layout for you. If you're struggling to get a good night's sleep, why not treat yourself to a new mattress from MattressNextDay.
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