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Designing your bedroom for a great night's sleep

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Increasingly, our bedrooms function as somewhere to work as well as sleep, which can affect our design choices. However, if you want to get a great night's sleep, then your bedroom needs to be as much a sanctuary as an office. Here are five simple design tips to help you create a great bedroom. 1. Choose the perfect mattress Your mattress is the key to getting a good night's sleep, so it makes sense to invest in something that is comfortable and spacious enough to ensure you don't toss and turn all night. Do your research and then take your chosen mattress for a test run. 2. Select the correct temperature A bedroom that's too warm or too cold can affect the quality of your sleep, so try experimenting with a fan or a heater to achieve just the right night time temperature for you. Investing in beautiful high thread count 100% cotton bedding can also help you to adjust your comfort levels. 3. Respect the dark-light cycle Our bodies are naturally programmed to sleep when its dark and wake when it's light, so keeping your bedroom as blacked out as possible makes sense. This isn't just about putting away your tech, it's also about controlling the entry of natural light into the room so if you want a longer, deeper sleep invest in black out blinds and/or heavy curtains. 4. Clear out the clutter While you don't have to go full Feng Shui on your bedroom, the principle ideas behind keeping your space clutter free are wise ones. Too much mess in the bedroom can cause anxiety and stop you sleeping well, so invest in some good quality storage solutions that will streamline your sleeping space. Keeping on top of clutter is particularly sensible if your room does double duty as your office. 5. Choose a restful colour scheme Take your palette from the peaceful tones of nature and employ plenty of restful blues and greens, which are proven to help you sleep. Neutrals are a safe choice but avoid clinical white and instead opt for creams and sands, while pastels are another smart choice with pale yellow proven to aid sleepers get over seven hours sleep a night.
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