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Differences between Contract and Residential Sleep Systems

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Sealy contract beds, like most other contract sleep systems, are used in hotels, motels, inns, resorts, rental properties, hospitals, cruise ships, school dormitories, and military bases. Contract sleep systems are typically more comfortable and more durable than residential sleep systems. Contract sleep systems are designed to withstand more rigorous use than residential mattress sets and go through a series of special testing to ensure their high quality. Contract sleep systems, like Sealy contract beds, are also more flame and fire retardant than residential beds. Contract sleep systems, like those offered through Sealy, focus on several main components when designing each mattress including the innerspring coil quality (gauge and performance), the foam cushioning layer quality (density and thickness), the edge support system, and the box spring construction. Although these factors are considered when constructing residential mattresses, contract sleep systems are simply used more rigorously than those in a private home. In order for a contract sleep system to be approved by Sealy, it is tested thoroughly before hitting the market. Sealy performs the Repetitive Impact Durability Test, the Load Deflection Analyzer, the Impact Drop Test, and the Hexagonal Roller Test. While these tests expose the sleep system to stresses that it normally would not encounter, they give an accurate reading of what the mattress can take and its ultimate quality. www.mattressnextday.co.uk
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