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Do You Sell European Size Mattresses?

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We do in fact stock European size mattresses at MattressNextDay. But what is the difference between a standard size and a European size? European mattresses are generally slightly bigger than standard U.K & Ireland mattresses. But why are they bigger? And which size do I need? Allow us to explain the key differences.

Size Differences

As we explained, European mattresses tend to be bigger. This is because the dimensions of the European bed frame are usually larger. Likely being down to generally having larger bedrooms than the standard size in the U.K.

A standard double mattress in the U.K measures at 135cm x 190cm. In continental Europe however, the same mattress measures in at 140cm x 200cm. It may not seem like a huge difference but using the wrong size mattress in a bed frame can lead to poor back posture and worsen sleep quality.

Why might I need a European Mattress?

European furniture brands, such as IKEA, are becoming increasingly popular in the U.K. If you purchase a bed frame from a European brand, chances are you'll need a European size mattress. European mattresses are also a great option for those that would like a little more space in the bed without going up a full bedframe size. If a double is a bit small and a king is a bit large, a European double mattress is a great choice.

How to measure for a mattress:

If you purchased a bed frame and are unsure if you need a standard mattress or a European mattress, be sure to measure the frame. To do this, you'll need to measure the inside of the bed frame where the mattress should go. Start by measure the width and length. Next, compare these to a mattress sizing chart. You should be able to find the nearest measurement to your bed size and identify whether it's a standard or European size that you need.

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