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Does a winter mattress really make a difference?

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With the cold weather setting in and the nights getting longer, many of us are looking forward to getting into a cosy warm bed more than ever. As the temperature drops, most people know to switch their duvet and blankets to thicker, warmer winter coverings to ensure they are not woken in the night, freezing and uncomfortable. Sleep is the time that our body revitalises itself and becomes ready for the next day - an interrupted night's sleep will do you no favours at all. If you are still finding yourself cold and uncomfortable at night despite changing to winter blankets, it may be that your mattress is the problem. Not many people are aware that summer and winter mattresses exist, but they can make a huge difference to how comfortable you are when sleeping. Typically, a summer mattress will have softer, cushioned layers of fabric while a winter mattress is much denser and made of a harder foam or sponge. The summer mattress allows cool air to circulate more freely and prevents heat build-up, while taking into account the fact that we move more in our sleep during hot weather. In the winter, the tightly packed fibres store as much heat as possible and keep it cushioned around you through the night. There are also mattresses on the market that can do both jobs. You flip them at the start of summer and winter, with each side offering a different kind of fabric and substance for the relevant season. You can have the best of both worlds without needing to store a second mattress. Another option is to have separate winter and summer mattresses, but to use the 'out of season' mattress in a spare room or guest room. There are lots of ways to fit a second mattress into your home and enjoy the comfort each type can bring during changing weather. Whatever the weather, you can buy your new mattress directly from us and treat yourself to a guaranteed great night's sleep, night after night. For a luxurious mattress that fits your budget and your needs, take a look at our wide selection now.
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