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Does eating cheese before bed give you nightmares?

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We've all been told at some point in our lives to avoid eating cheese before sleep. Why? Because it gives you nightmares. Today we're going to answer the question does eating cheese before bed give you nightmares? And find out if there's any scientific evidence to back it up.

Where did the rumours start?

It dates back quite far but as far as we can tell. Often cheese is the last course to be consumed in a meal which could suggest that cheese leads to nightmares. It's more than likely due to the quantity of food being consumed. Especially a high in fat content meal. It's not recommended to eat a big meal before you head to bed since it leads to indigestion. So in short, it's probably not the cheese, more the size of the meal and the fat content.


Cheese before bed promotes bad dreams is one of the oldest sayings in the book. But there must be some truth in it, right? Right. No one really knows where it all started. But in 2005 The British Cheese Board did a study on the topic. Participants were given different cheese to eat directly before bed. 75% slept perfectly fine with no nightmares in sight. Turns out, cheese before bed might not be so bad, after all.

Different cheese for different dreams

Interestingly enough, in the study, different cheeses lead to different dreams. So if you don't want to give up your evening cheese fix then here are the types of cheese to keep in mind. Stilton produces the strangest dreams. Which isn't overly surprising since it is essentially mould. In the study, the dreams after eating stilton weren't nightmares, although they were completely downright strange. Cheddar seemed to produce dreams about celebrities. Completely absurd, right? It could be down to remembering what you last saw on tv. But either way, it's an odd coincidence. Red Leicester brought nostalgic dreams, mainly related to childhood. Lancaster cheese brought dreams about work. Presumably tapping into your short-term memory. Brought to you by MattressNextDay.
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