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Dorlux Beds Synonymous to Sleep Luxury

Dorlux beds and mattresses have been around since 1919 so this means only one thing: sleep luxury is only possible when selection of materials and craftsmanship are combined to make Dorlux beds synonymous to sleep luxury. Manufactured with special memory foam mattresses and efficient air vents with solid handles, Dorlux beds do offer better quality sleep particularly to people who have muscle, joint and back problems. The concept of orthopaedic support is taken seriously by the manufacturers of Dorlux beds and mattresses. For example, their Backcare Elite model is made with extra layers of fillings that complement the advanced Flexiform? Spring System. This particular model has twice as many fillings than most conventional mattresses in the market. When speaking of sleep luxury, Dorlux beds are featured with Belgian damask covers and are hand-tufted. Some models are made with the Visco elastic mattress technology that follows the contours of the human body. A high degree of mattress firmness provides consistent support, even for restless and nervous sleepers! The knitted fabrics used in manufacturing Dorlux beds will not cause any skin irritation or unpleasant friction. Some Dorlux mattresses are also no turn mattresses that come with a micro quilted base. Dorlux beds and mattresses have a wide selection of beds that will accommodate even the most discriminating customers who know exactly what kind of materials they want and what type of mattress is most suitable to their body shape. The most important factor ? the common denominator ? that characterises all Dorlux beds is found in this easy formula: quality sleep = sleep luxury. www.mattressnextday.co.uk

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