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Dorlux for your back

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Is your bed?s mattress the cause of your back pain? Do you wake each morning achy? Then it?s time for a new mattress. Dorlux has the right mattress to reduce your aches and pains and help you wake rested and ready to go. Dorlux?s Atlanta mattress is a memory foam mattress that moulds to your shape. That means it will give you excellent support and correct spinal alignment. The Posturline? Spring System with three times the number of coils than a regular mattress provides that support. The Atlanta is covered by a damask fabric for extra comfort. If your achy back requires something firmer, Dorlux?s Firmsupport also includes The Posturline? Spring System in its orthopedic support mattress. Its padded top adds extra luxurious comfort, and there?s an attractive damask fabric covering the mattress. A third option that Dorlux offers is its Backcare Elite. Its design gives extra firm support. This mattress is made with The Flexiform Spring system, one that provides orthopedic support with twice as many springs as regular a regular mattress. With a name like Backcare Elite, this is a definite mattress to try for your achy back. Dorlux offers over 25 other mattresses, and one of them is bound to be the right one to relieve the stress on your back while you sleep. www.mattressnextday.co.uk
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