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Dr.Ranj - Sleepeezee Brand Ambassador

Posted on 9th May 2019 2 mins to read
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Long before Dr.Ranj became a successful television presenter, author and doctor. He worked for Kent based mattress and bed specialists Sleepeezee. At the age of 18, he spent his summer holidays working alongside his mum in the Sleepeezee factory. Hand-tufting mattresses, he learnt a lot about what really makes a good mattress. Now, as a doctor, he knows just how important a good nights sleep is for our health.

Dr.Ranj - Sleepeezee Brand Ambassador

Last year, Dr.Ranj had the heartwarming opportunity to go back to the Sleepeezee factory as part of This Morning’s “Presenter’s First Jobs”. Little did he know that this would be the start of a new relationship with his former employer. After that experience, Dr.Ranj went on to become a brand ambassador for Sleepeezee. With his great knowledge of sleep and mattresses, he's the perfect man for the job.

Dr.Ranj has seen first hand what the effects of a bad nights sleep can have on the body. He also knows the direct connection between a good mattress and better sleep. With his combined knowledge, he is now dedicated to sharing his top sleep tips with the nation.

One of the key ways to improve the quality of your sleep is through sleep hygiene. This includes avoiding things like coffee, alcohol and even screens before bed. But the most important part of getting better sleep is having a good mattress. A high-quality mattress is a foundation for any good nights sleep. A lack of support through the night will put a strain on your joints. Over time this can lead to long term health problems.

Dr.Ranj is more than happy to recommend Sleepeezee products. Safe in the knowledge that they not only help you sleep better at night. But ensure you wake up ready to live a more productive and healthy life.

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