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Dreamworks Mattresses Buying Guide

Dreamworks Mattresses Buying Guide

Dreamworks mattresses come in a range of different designs and styles, from pocket sprung to memory foam, there's something to suit everyone. When looking to purchase any mattress it's important that you think about what level of comfort you desire, as well as which size and spring count you might need. To help you choose, we have put together this helpful guide to Dreamworks mattresses, alongside our other mattress buying guides.

How to choose a mattress:

Before shopping for a new mattress, it's important to figure out your sleep needs. If you find yourself tossing and turning at night, you may need a different style or firmness. Mattress firmness often depends on your body weight. To figure out your perfect mattress tension, you can follow this guideline:

  • Soft/Soft-Medium Tension: soft or soft-medium firmness is usually most comfortable for those weighing nine stone and under.
  • Medium/Medium-Firm Tension: medium and medium-firm mattresses are commonly referred to as the universal mattress. They can be comfortable for anyone weighing between nine to sixteen stone depending on their comfort preferences. It's a particularly popular choice among couples of different body weights.
  • Firm/Extra-Firm Tension: firm tensions are usually most supportive for those weighing sixteen stone and up. This firmness is also commonly used in orthopaedic mattress styles.

Your perfect mattress style is usually determined by how you sleep and your comfort preferences. Sleeping position can be a big factor in what mattress material you choose. Foam mattresses are usually preferred among side sleepers. This is because it has the ability to allow joints to sink in whilst still supporting the spine and keeping it straight. Sleeping on your side on a mattress that doesn't allow the shoulder and hip to sink in can lead to stiff joints and an uncomfortable nights sleep. For back sleepers, a firmer surface, like a pocket sprung mattress, can be much more supportive. When sleeping on your back it's important to not allow your spine to dip. If you sink into the mattress this causes the spine to contour into a curved position which long term, can lead to back pain and restless sleep.

What are the best Dreamworks mattresses?

In the Dreamworks range, there are many mattress styles available. Including pocket sprung, memory foam and standard sprung models. When looking at the Dreamworks range, make sure to keep an eye out for the Oxford, Richmond and Worcester designs.

How to shop for a mattress online:

Shopping for a mattress online can be tricky if you've never done it before. Not being able to see and feel the mattress can be of putting to some buyers. However there are many benefits to online shopping for a mattress, including saving money. Here's some of our online shopping tips for mattress buyers:

  • Read reviews: one of the main benefits of shopping online is the ability to see what other customers think of the products. And with reviews integrated into the product page, you don't need to look far to find them.
  • Price compare: when shopping in a store, it's difficult to know if you're getting the best price. Shopping online allows you to compare to price of a mattress quickly and easily. And with many retailers price matching, including us, you'll be sure to get the best price.
  • Filtering: with the ability to filter thousands of products with the click of a button. Finding your perfect mattress couldn't be simpler. Being able to sort prices high-to-low or search for memory foam styles only makes it much quicker to find what you're looking for.

How do I know when I need a new mattress?

Mattresses over time start to deteriorate. Once a mattress has started to show signs of wear and tear, it's time to replace. Sagging and uncomfortable nights sleep are usually signs that the mattress is in need of an upgrade. On average, a mattress can last between seven and ten years depending on the style and usage. However, you should always replace it once you start to notice signs of wear. We have a huge range of mattresses that are available for next day delivery. If you're unsure about what style to choose, feel free to contact one of our sleep experts for helpful tailored advice.

Author: Lucy

Lucy is a copywriter, trend spotter, and our resident sleep expert! Lucie has been with the team since 2018 and her articles cover a sweeping array of subjects from general product care, the latest bedroom design trends, ways to promote healthier sleep and jargon-busting explanations to help you understand what goes into our products. Do you have questions for Lucy & the team? Call one of our sleep experts today!