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Features to Look for in a Health Bed

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When you think of “health beds”, chances are your mind conjures up an old fashioned hospital bed, complete with hand crank and vinyl cover. The truth is far from that image. Today, beds that are good for your health are modern and sleek, and fit right into your home. If you’re looking to replace your old mattress, you should look for these features in new mattresses. - Support A good mattress should keep your spine aligned while you sleep. For some people, that means mattresses with firm support to keep the heavier parts of their body from sinking into the mattress. For others, it means memory foam mattresses that mold to support the curves and lines of the body. The trick to finding the right support from your mattress is to lie on it in your usual sleeping position. Your body should have full, even contact with the mattress along its entire length. - Hypoallergenic materials Allergies can take a major toll on your sleep comfort. There are many mattresses that are made with 100% hypoallergenic materials like memory latex foam, or linen and cotton fillers. In addition, some manufacturers treat all of their mattresses with anti dust mite protection to ensure that dust mites don’t have a chance to take hold and fill the air with allergens that make you ill. - Padding for joint comfort Even if you need firm support for your back, your body needs enough padding to prevent joint discomfort. Many manufacturers are now offering bed ranges that combine inner springs for support with a thick memory foam layer for comfort. These supportive memory foam mattresses may be the best choice for most sleepers. Choosing the right bed will ensure that you get the kind of good night’s sleep that promotes good health and a good morning. www.mattressnextday.co.uk
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