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Five Compelling Reasons Why You Should Have A Social Life

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    Do you consider yourself a recluse? Would you rather be on your own than go out with family or friends? If this has been your daily grind for the past years, you should start socializing now! Mounting scientific evidence shows that cultivating a great social life comes with many advantages.  

1) Socialization is good for your health.

Although socializing with people will not rid you of physical ailments, studies show that those who mingle with other people enjoy a healthier lifestyle. This is due to the positivity brought about by socialization, since it can make you feel better inside out. Supporting this claim are numerous researches. In fact, one shows that individuals with bigger social circles demonstrate normal heart rates and blood pressures. They even enjoy better immunity to colds and other disorders.

2) Socialization enhances self-confidence.

Are you constantly shy, because you think your hobbies and interests are odd? Unfortunately, this can diminish your confidence – high levels of which are needed for success in your career or personal life. If you want the confidence that can help in your career growth, then socialize more, advises professors Lynn Jacobs and Jeremy Hyman. Additionally, do not be negative; and do not think that you are wasting other people’s time. While socializing may take you out of your comfort zone, socialization can take your confidence level several notches up.

3) Socialization makes you happier.

Are you feeling depressed?  Before you sail into the dark side, know that socializing can pull you out of that hole. In fact, a 2006 study conducted by Hafal showed that 80 percent of the subjects who met up and mingled with other people reported diminished feelings of sadness and loneliness.

4) Socialization helps you survive stress.

Are you stressed out about that nearing presentation deadline? Or are you worried about the fact that you might get kicked out of college? If you are not able to handle such situations, you just might go crazy. So before you get thrown into the looney bin, call out on your family and friends. Remember, socialization is a great way to manage stress. When you talk to other people, you will be able to rid yourself of the negative emotions that take hold of you. Consequently, these individuals can suggest solutions to your current problems. So whenever you find yourself stressed out, maybe it is time for you to call a friend!

5) Socialization fosters strong relationships.

You might not know it, but socialization can help you find your best friend – or your future spouse even. Whatever you do, you need somebody to help you live out the winding paths of life. By going out and meeting other people, you come across the best people that can provide you support, no matter how rough the times might get.
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