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Five Nifty Gadgets to Help You Sleep like a Baby

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Most sleep experts don’t recommend using gadgets in the hours leading before bedtime as they can interfere with your sleep. However, there are others that can do quite the opposite. Here’s a look at some devices that can promote sound sleep.

1) Zeo Sleep Manager Pro

A better alternative to spending the night in a sleep lab, the Zeo Sleep Manager Pro can help you determine your sleep quality in the safety of your own comfortable bed. This wireless device is a small headband that you attach to your forehead before going to bed. It then synchronizes with an app on your iPhone to record how much REM sleep you get and how many times you wake up during the night. Medically speaking, this product provides you with expert feedback information that can help you assess the quality of your sleep.

2) Fitbit One

Exercise has already been proven to help promote better sleep, and the Fitbit One allows you to keep track of your progress, not only in your daily workouts, but in your sleep as well. Other than featuring advanced sleep graphs, this redesigned wristband works as a pedometer, a calorie burn calculator, and a silent alarm that buzzes your wrist at the adjusted time. Since good health is a round-the-clock necessity this all-in-one gadget could be the perfect choice for you.

3) NightWave Sleep Assistant

A lightweight, tiny device that’s just about the size of a jewelry gift box, the NightWave Sleep Assistant can help you fall asleep within minutes. This high-tech gadget projects a pulsing, soft blue light on your wall or ceiling, commencing what is best described as a pre-sleep exercise. As you lie on your mattress, you begin with breathing in as the blue light brightens, and breathing out as it dims. This is a relaxed breathing technique that can help you shut down your racing thoughts. After several minutes, the soothing light rhythms eventually end, and your slumber begins.

4) Sound+Sleep Nomad

Sound machines are nothing new, but the Sound+Sleep Nomad is a compact and portable sound machine that helps you fall asleep through natural sounds, such as flowing water, white noise, and more. This device features an “Adaptive Mode” setting that allows you to adjust the composition of your selected soundtrack in order to mask other noises. When you focus on a relaxing sound that predominates sleep environment, you will get more sleep and be less prone to sleep disruptions during the night.

5) Verilux Rise and Shine Natural Wake Up Light

Light is one of the biggest factors that affects human circadian rhythm, so it is important to regulate the intensity and amount of light we are exposed to at certain times in a day. Exposure to bright lights too early in the morning can cause sleepiness instead of alertness. However, with the Verilux Rise and Shine Natural Wake Up Light, you can be gently lulled out of sleep as it gradually increases light and soundscape at the desired time. This device works as a better alternative to traditional alarm clock systems as it utilizes a milder and more natural approach.  
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