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Four reasons you routinely wake in the night - and how to combat them

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Undisturbed sleep isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity! For years experts have studied the benefits of getting a good night’s rest to determine that it contributes to memory capacity, weight, mood and cardiovascular health. This is why you need to act fast if you are routinely waking up in the night. There are many reasons why you could be stirring unexpectedly, and most of these are actually easy to combat. With that in mind, here are four possible explanations for waking and four ways you can stop it from happening. Discomfort The trick with this one is to narrow down what’s causing your discomfort. Perhaps you’re wearing uncomfortable pyjamas? Or maybe your room is too hot and stuffy? In many cases, it could even be that you’re due a new mattress. Mattresses typically need changing before the seven-year mark or else they can begin to offer a significantly reduced level of support. Caffeine You won’t always feel the effects of caffeine immediately. Instead, the rush that comes with a cup of coffee before bed could strike a few hours later. This could mean that you don’t just stir in the night, but actually spend time sitting wide awake. The solution is simply to avoid food and drink that’s high in caffeine before bed. Sugar Similarly to caffeine, a sugar rush can strike when you least expect it. In the middle of a snooze you can suddenly be full of energy, thus ending any hope of a good night’s sleep. To combat this happening, simply steer clear of sugary snacks in the run up to going to bed. Stress People who deal with high levels of stress often say that it weighs most heavily on their mind when trying to get to sleep. However, there are also those who can go to bed relaxed, only to wake in the middle of the night worrying. Depending on the cause of the stress, the solution can be anything from exercise to visiting a therapist. Sleep tight If you tick any of these boxes, it’s advisable that you make strides towards getting a good night’s sleep sooner rather than later. Follow these tips, and with any luck, you should experience results immediately.
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