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Four songs to soothe you to sleep

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From when we're just days old and our parents use lullabies to calm us down and send us to sleep, to being adults, not much has changed. A soothing Spotify playlist might have replaced our mum and dad's crooning, but some gentle background music can be the perfect way to drift off to sleep. As well as creating a relaxing ambiance, chilled out tunes can also provide something for a busy mind to focus on - you might find if your mind is in overdrive when you're trying to go to sleep a familiar song provides something to focus on without distracting you. Here are our pick of the top four relaxing bedtime tunes: Norah Jones - Rosie's Lullaby As the title might suggest, this is the perfect grown-up lullaby from the queen of pretty piano music. If you like it, you'll probably find lots of her other music is equally good to wind down to. Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade of Pale Probably the most out-there choice on the list, this classic rock tune is a deeply relaxing piece of music - sink into the music and feel yourself chill out - you'll be waking up in the morning before you know it! Coldplay - Strawberry Swing This little tune by a band you might have heard of was once declared to be one of the top ten most relaxing songs of all time. This was by scientists and everything, so it must be true. Maroon Five - Sunday Morning Sunday mornings are, in fact, the most relaxing time of the week, so it makes sense that a song with just that title should also be perfect to chill out to. Lie back, close your eyes and imagine it's Sunday morning (just don't be too disappointed when you wake up and it's only Tuesday!) However laidback the music has made you, you won't get a good night's sleep without a good mattress. Check out our selection and place your order for next-day delivery to make sure you're sleeping like the dead in no time.
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