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Give someone a great night's sleep for Christmas

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Do you have a relative or close friend who has difficulty getting to sleep at night? If so, why not help them by giving them the gift of a new mattress this Christmas? A new mattress could really help your friend or relative get a good night’s sleep. But what factors should you take into account when choosing a mattress for someone else as a Christmas present? 1. The recipient’s needs If you’re planning on buying a mattress for someone who has difficulty getting to sleep, it’s important to know what type of mattress might help them. For example, if they complain that their current mattress is too hard, try buying them a softer one. If they find the springs particularly noticeable, consider getting them a memory foam or latex foam mattress. Listen to what your friend or relative says when they talk about their sleep problems and try to find a mattress that adequately addresses their problems. 2. The size of the bed When buying a mattress for someone, you need to know what size bed they have. After all, you don’t want to buy them a standard double-sized mattress only to discover that it doesn’t quite cover their king-size bed! Equally, you don’t want to risk buying them a mattress that’s simply too large to fit on their bed. If you don’t already know the size of the intended recipient’s bed you’ll have to ask them, or (if you want the gift to be a surprise) try to take a sneaky peak into their bedroom. We recommend opting for the first option, as choosing the second could lead to an embarrassing misunderstanding. 3. The quality of the mattress You should endeavour to buy the highest quality of mattress possible. After all, it is a Christmas present! Here at Mattress Nextday, we can offer you the best mattresses at the best prices... and we can ensure you receive them in time for Christmas day! A mattress may seem like an unusual Christmas present, but it’s certain to be appreciated. Remember, you’re not just buying someone a mattress; you’re buying them a great night’s sleep.
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