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Great Gizmos for Your Bedroom

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Do you want to make your sleep life a whole lot easier? Well then, you are going to need to shell out a few bucks for bedroom-enhancing gadgets. While some of these might burn big holes in your pockets, these sleep-shack gizmos will definitely make you want to stay inside your bedroom for the rest of the day:  

Transparent TV

Do you like watching the tube before drifting off to dreamland? Then you will enjoy the see-through TV known by many as the “Transparent TV.” Designed by visionary Michael Friebe, this ingenious device marries the beauty of LCD with the innovativeness  of TOLED display technology. Although it looks like a piece of glass, the Transparent TV can provide you with a magnificent watching experience with its crisp colors and impeccable definition.  

Senzo Nightlight

If you find it difficult searching for the light switch amidst the darkness of your room, you do not have to worry about tripping over your slippers anymore! With Senzo Nightlight, you can navigate through your dark room effortlessly. This wall-fitted light is usually installed 80 centimeters above the floor, and it illuminates automatically once you get your hands on it. Designed by Marcos Madia and Soledad Clavell, the Senzo Nightlight can serve as your emergency light in times of unprecedented blackouts.  

iQ Alarm Clock

Do you always get up late because you usually press the snooze button of your alarm clock? You do not have to be sanctioned about your tardiness anymore with the help of the iQ Alarm Clock. Designed by Oliver Sha, this clock is devoid of a snooze button. Its power button is also hard to reach, therefore making it impossible to turn off. To deactivate the iQ Alarm Clock, you need to answer 1-3 questions before you can stop the ringing. This feature will definitely wake you up – even if you do not want to.  


Do you live in a place where winters are unforgivably cold? You do not have to spend a lot of money over radiator costs simply by purchasing the Bediator. An amalgamation of the words “bed” and “radiator,” this device keeps you warm without the expensive fuel bills. This retractable bed can be activated with a simple push of the button, and you can lie on it for as long as you want to. What’s great about the Bediator is that you can use it during hot months as well, since it is able to circulate cool air during summertime.  

LULA Lung Lamp

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, where you spend a great deal of your time sleeping and dreaming. As such, it is important that your haven is kept safe from air pollutants. If you want to keep your bedroom air clean, then it is recommended that you get the revolutionary LULA Lung lamp. This smart machine processes the data of air in your room. When connected to the internet, it can reveal the health problems that you might be faced with in your room. There you have it-- great gizmos that can truly improve the state of your sleep sanctuary. Transform your normal room into a tech-savvy one by investing in these worthwhile gadgets.
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